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Our English major focuses on core areas of study, while allowing you to select elective classes related to your unique passions.


Communication Managers, High School and University Educators, Public Relations Practitioners and Event Planners, Speech Writers, Business Managers, Social Media Directors, Webmasters, Editors and Publishers, Theatre Producers, Marketing Directors, Communication Consultants, Lawyers, Political Organizers


While most English departments organize their literature classes around historical periods, like "Eighteenth-Century British Literature," we focus most of our literature courses on a theme, like "Literature and Spirituality." This approach lets you go in-depth with one concept while reading a global range of texts, spanning from the classical period to contemporary new media. Sample courses include "Hero and Anti-Hero," "Man and Woman," "Nature Literature," and "Prophetic Comedy."


Our English Writing major focuses on creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction. As a student in the Writing major, you will have the opportunity to join our extra-curricular writer’s group with both professors and students who gather to discuss their writing. You will also have the opportunity to compete for our Annual Writing Awards that honor the best undergraduate writing.

Media Writing

Our Media Writing major is taught by outstanding faculty and covers history and theory, old and new media, and practical and creative writing. Sample courses include "Media Writing," "Screenwriting," "Media Theory," and "Public Relations." You will also have the option of spending a semester at the LA Film Studies Center where you will have the opportunity to work with Hollywood professionals in courses and internships.

English Minors

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