Mary and Anthony Yeboah - Alumni Stories from the Department of Education | Judson University Christian College
Doug Olsen

Mary (Slinger) and Anthony Yeboah

Mary - B.A. Art Education, Anthony - M.A. Architecture, Mary - 2004, Anthony - 2005
Mary - Director of Marketing and Development, Anthony - Green Design Systems and Central University College
Accra, Ghana


What do you do in your current job and what do you enjoy about it?
As Director of Marketing and Development, I get to lead the marketing team in recruiting new students to our school and developing relationships within the community. I also get to assist with various projects and initiatives that help improve the school. I enjoy my job at AIS because I get to use my skills and training in education and business management to serve children and families in Ghana. Anthony is an architect and the owner of a company called Green Design System. He provides architectural drawings and consultation for clients throughout Ghana. He is also a lecturer in the Architectural Department at Central University College. Anthony also enjoys using his skills in architecture to help give back to Ghana, his home country.

How did your Judson experience influence you professionally? What were your favorite parts of being a Judson student?
My Judson experience influenced me professionally by providing the foundational skills for effective teaching along with the skills of integrating my Christian faith into my life and my work. Judson reinforced my vision for using my vocational skills to impact the world for Christ. My favorite part about Judson was the professors, who set an example for students in living an integrated Christian life. I also enjoyed the close community of my peers and the opportunity to be surrounded by people with a similar vision and passion for serving Christ.

What are the strengths of your major/program at Judson?
The strengths of Judson’s education program are that it is practical and well-rounded. The program includes a number of practical training opportunities which are highly effective in preparing teachers for the classroom setting. It also offers a great deal of support from very knowledgeable professors who challenge students to think critically.

What advice can you give to current and prospective students about their time at Judson?
Get to know your professors. They are highly supportive of you and want you to make an impact in the world when you leave Judson. Almost always, professors are available to chat with you at lunch and before and after classes, and they want to engage you in meaningful learning experiences. They are willing to push you to reach your full potential.

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