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Education Certificate Only Program

The "Certificate Only" program at Judson University is designed for individuals who already have at least a bachelor's degree and are looking to obtain their license to teach in the state of Illinois.

A minimum of five semesters and the ability to take classes during the daytime (as well as an occasional night class) is required to complete the sequence. The general flow of courses is as follows:

Fall Semester 1:

EDU 101: Explorations in Education
EDU 102: Day of Assessments
EDU 131: Practicum 1: Diversity (12 clock hours)
( Secondary majors may also need to complete content area coursework)

Spring Semester 1:

EDU 201: Strategic Education
EDU 202: Development and Learning
EDU 231E: Practicum IIE (35 clock hours in a school)
EDU 231H: Practicum IIH (one week, full time, in a school)
(Secondary majors may also need to complete content area coursework.)

Fall Semester 2 and Spring Semester 2:

"Methods" (and other professional courses) and Practicum III (minimum or 60 hours in schools in a teaching capacity)
(Secondary majors may also need to complete content area coursework)

Fall Semester 3:

EDU 411: Student Teaching
EDU 491: Senior Seminar

Note: The above outline is typical, but there are additional state and program requirements for each area of licensure.

All courses earn undergraduate credit in programs that have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. No degree results from the completion of the courses - thus the title "Certificate Only."

For more information, contact Dr. Keith Drew at Kdrew@judsonu.edu or 847-628-1082.

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