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Education Faculty

Joy Towner
Dr. Joy Towner
Chair, Division of Education
Dr. Joy Towner began her professional teaching career in District 205 in Elmhurst, IL, where she served as a classroom teacher and eventually as the building reading specialist.  She is also a trained Reading Recovery teacher.
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Rani Mathai 2011
Dr. Rani Mathai
Rani V. Mathai is an associate professor in Education/Science, teaching courses in Education and Earth Sciences. She comes to Judson with almost twenty years of teaching experience in public schools, community college systems and colleges in the US and abroad.
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Keith Drew 2011
Dr. Keith Drew
Director, Certificate-Only
After graduating from Judson, Keith taught for 10 1/2 years in public and private schools, including 3 1/2 years in Illinois, 1 year in Colorado, 3 years in his home state of Michigan, and 3 years in Puerto Rico.
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K Stombres(1)
Prof. Kristen Stombres
Professor Kristen Stombres is a Judson graduate. She began teaching in District 300, Carpentersville; 1st and 5th grades. Kristen returned to the Judson Teacher Education program when it had only been on campus for two years.
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Adjunct Faculty

  • Prof. Eleanor Allanson-Donoho
  • Prof. Sue Blevins
  • Prof. Nicki Bolos
  • Dr. Phylis Dunlap-Huerta
  • Dr. Chris Dennison
  • Dr. Linda Figgins
  • Prof. Barb Gosse
  • Prof. Stephanie Hopkins
  • Prof. Katie Hoving
  • Dr. Deborah Hrivnak
  • Prof. Lauren Kenny
  • Dr. Sibyl Kobza
  • Prof. Holly Lawyer
  • Prof. Anna Minuth
  • Prof. Kristy Piebenga
  • Prof. David Smith
  • Prof. Joy Stengel
  • Prof. Brian Tucker
  • Prof. Lizzy VanderWoude
  • Dr. Amy Warfel
  • Prof. Kim Zupec

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