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Early Childhood Education

What is the Definition of Early Childhood Education (ECE)?

  • Birth Through Second Grade
  • Early Childhood Education involves the understanding of the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of the "whole" child.

Why is ECE a Growing Field?

  • Elementary licensure will not entitle candidates to teach kindergarten. Elementary school principals will be required to hire candidates who hold Early Childhood licenses.
  • There is a growing need for Early Childhood Education teachers with endorsements in Bilingual Education, ESL, or Special Education.
  • Upon completion of the program you will be able to teach Preschool, Pre K, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-2.

What are students saying about Judson's ECE Program?

"The Early Childhood Education program is wonderful. You learn so much about the development of children and the small class size makes it very easy to learn."

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Elementary Education

Elementary Education majors at Judson receive a broad liberal arts education through general requirements, gain a thorough knowledge of teaching methods, and participate in a wide range of practical experiences.

General education requirements include writing, math, science, social sciences, and Bible classes. This encompassing curriculum allows students to receive a balanced education to prepare them for the content that is taught in the elementary classroom.

Methods courses include practical activities and assignments to fully prepare students for their careers. Professors present, model, and engage candidates in lessons that are directly applicable to elementary school classrooms and students. The plethora of strategies presented will equip future teachers to better ensure that all students learn.

Practicum experiences happen every year at Judson. Elementary education majors participate in a wide range of activities that include after-school programs, private school settings, and public school classrooms. These experiences also incorporate a variety of grade levels within diverse settings.

The Judson elementary education program entitles teachers with a Professional Educator License for grades 1-6. In addition to the core classes in the major, Judson requires candidates to choose an endorsement to add to their licenses. The options are Bilingual, ESL, or LBS1. Each of these endorsements requires additional coursework that has been built into the four-year program. These additional endorsements will make the candidates more marketable for employment by intentionally learning more about a specific high-needs area.

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Special Education

Judson's Learning Behavior Specialist 1 program meets the Illinois Standards for all special education teachers. Through a broad spectrum of courses, candidates will be prepared to teach students ages 3 through 21 who have exceptionalities. The coursework focuses on the characteristics and methods appropriate for different age levels as well as how to structure positive and healthy learning environments in a variety of settings. The practicum experiences span early childhood through high school settings to provide proficiencies with a multitude of ages of students.

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Secondary Education

Secondary Education majors become experts in their fields through a comprehensive program in content-specific courses. In addition, candidates learn best practices in the art of teaching in high school. The coursework begins with a focus on general high school education and then narrows to the best methods for teaching within the candidate's chosen content area. Practicum experiences allow candidates options to work with diverse high school students in after school settings, private schools and public schools.

In Illinois secondary teacher candidates must pursue licensure in a particular academic content area. Judson University offers secondary licensure  in the following academic disciplines:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education (K-12 certification also available)
  • Science / Biology
  • Science / Chemistry
  • Social Science / History

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Certificate Only Program

The "Certificate Only" program at Judson University is designed for individuals who already have at least a bachelor's degree and are looking to obtain their license to teach in the state of Illinois.

A minimum of five semesters and the ability to take classes during the daytime (as well as an occasional night class) is required to complete the sequence.

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Kate Siscoe - Spotlight

Kate Siscoe

Kate Siscoe

"The strengths of the Elementary Education program are without a doubt the professors. They truly care about where we are headed as educators and as learners."

What Students Say

“Working with the Special Ed population, I walked away a changed person. I have discovered a new understanding and passion for lifelong learning. Helen Keller once stated, ‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.’ Her words represent how I feel about teaching special education. What I feel about [the profession of teaching] special education cannot be seen or touched, but my passion has created a fire within my heart that is strongly felt.”

– Ashley N. Howard, ’11

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