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The Honors Program

Requirements for Graduating from The Honors Program

To graduate from The Honors Program, you must take at least twelve (12) credit hours of Honors courses (course numbers tagged with an H), generally split between major and general education requirements. This provides broad exposure to honors work across academic disciplines, particularly in the liberal arts. It also provides ongoing interaction with honors students in other disciplines.

In addition, you will complete a project of original research or its equivalent for your discipline (this may be satisfied as a regular part of your coursework or as an independent project), as well as participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

You must maintain a cumulative Judson GPA of 3.3 or higher. If the cumulative GPA falls below 3.3, you will have one semester to bring the cumulative GPA back up to at least 3.3. Two consecutive semesters of a cumulative GPA below 3.3 will make you ineligible to graduate from The Honors Program.

Honors course activity is recorded at the top of your Degree Audit in the Student Web. In addition, the Honors Program Checklist may be used to track your progress through your academic career. Please contact Dr. Jim Halverson, Director of The Honors Program, with any questions about your progress through the program.


Academic Eligibility and Joining the Program

Entering students with a minimum high school Grade Point Average of 3.3 and a minimum ACT score of 28 (1250 SAT) are eligible to join the Judson University Honors Program. Current Judson students wishing to enter the program must have a minimum GPA at Judson of 3.3

Students who wish to join the program should contact Dr. Jim Halverson, Director of The Honors Program.

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