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Music Performance

The Music Performance major at Judson University provides students with both a skills-based curriculum and also ample performance opportunities for a 21st-century, real-world music education that prepares students well for a number of different possible vocations. Core classes lay a solid foundation, giving students the music theory, music history, orchestration, and other skills needed to succeed. From there, Music Performance students are encouraged to add a specialized minor to increase their training in a particular area of music performance. Piano, Vocal, and Instrumental Specialization students delve more deeply into their instrument, exploring elements of improvisation, conducting, and pedagogy. Church Music Specialization students focus on applying their skills for work as church musicians. Composition Specialization students receive advanced training to help them write and record their own music. And Studio Piano/Voice Teaching Specialization students prepare for careers as private piano or voice instructors, adding business classes to the mix to better prepare themselves for the marketplace. Because of the flexibility inherent in the curriculum, Music Performance students can also choose to take a minor from any other discipline on campus that offers a minor. All Music Performance students have the opportunity to serve in a performing ensemble as well.

Music Business & Entrepreneurship

The Music Business & Entrepreneurship major at Judson prepares students for a career in one of several facets of the music business, including recording, marketing, artist promotion and management. In particular, the MB&E curriculum prepares students to start their own music business doing everything from creating a business plan to writing their own songs to recording and marketing them. Music Business & Entrepreneurship majors take courses in music, performance and business. Students complete a rigorous senior project that integrates all of the skills and information that they have learned during their four years in the program. Students receive practical training in Judson’s Dark Room Studios, a fully operational, on-campus suite of studios. Dark Room Studios has recorded two albums by Judson alum Ben Calhoun's band Citizen Way, and Judson grad Aaron Niequist’s A New Liturgy projects. A state-of-the-art MIDI lab is available to students for classes in Recording Techniques, Composition, Theory, Music Tech and for individual projects. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in the Best Semester Contemporary Music Program of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this semester-long program offers intensive hands-on instruction and the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Music Minors

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