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Music Business and Entrepreneurship

The entertainment industry is ever growing and changing. In an industry that is constantly adapting to the latest technology, especially online, musicians no longer need a major recording label to build a career. Musicians now have the opportunity to market themselves through the internet and other tools independently.

The music business and entrepreneurship major at Judson University prepares students for a career in one of several facets of the music business, including recording, marketing, artist promotion, management, and copyright law. In particular it prepares students to be able to start their own small music business doing everything from creating a business plan to writing their own songs, recording them and marketing them.

This major requires completion of courses in music, music performance, music business, and business. Students must complete a rigorous senior project that integrates all of the skills and information that they have learned doing their four years in the program. As in all of our degree programs here at Judson University, we integrate faith into our entire curriculum to help students develop a Christian world view within their discipline and in the liberal arts.

Music Business Entrepreneurship majors will use our state-of-the-art MIDI Lab, which is networked to allow collaboration with other disciplines, especially media studies.

You will also have an opportunity to participate in the Best Semester Contemporary Music Program of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this semester-long program offers intensive hands-on instruction.

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Student Spotlight - Brianna Berger

The Music Business Entrepreneurship major at Judson will be a very beneficial addition to Judson University’s current offerings. It draws from two good programs that already exist and incorporates entrepreneurship into them. There are many new music artists trying to enter the market, and this program can provide students with the knowledge and experience to have an advantage in this area – whether they are focused on heading that direction themselves or assisting someone else.

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