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Performance Certificate in Music

The Performance Certificate in Music at Judson University is a non-degree program designed for individuals looking for intensive music performance study both as a soloist and an ensemble musician in order to enhance their employment opportunities or prepare for graduate studies. 

Prospective students are expected to have an undergraduate degree or the international equivalent. In the absence of a degree, a candidate must demonstrate advanced performance skills and/or extensive teaching experience at the level generally expected of an applicant for graduate studies.

Students can apply for either a one-year or a two-year program. If students enrolled in the one-year program wish to extend their studies and enter the two-year program, they need to receive approval from the Program Director during their second semester.

The second-year curriculum offers two project-based courses, Practicum in Music/Church Music and Senior Music Business Project. These courses will foster connections between students and the surrounding community, and enable them to explore diverse career paths as professional musicians.

Student Testimony

“My decision to study at Judson University was one of my best to further my career in music.  In terms of performance experiences, I improved a lot and was well prepared for graduate school. I appreciated opportunities to perform publically at concerts and events. I was given practical training in Studio Class during which I enjoyed both hearing my fellow students play and the lively discussions that followed. By sharing our musical ideas and thoughts – usually accompanied with laughter – we broadened our musical knowledge in a comfortable setting.  I appreciated the small school atmosphere, where faculty doors were open for students at any time. The faculty was very friendly and caring when I had concerns – I knew their prayers were trustworthy and I felt supported so I could keep moving forward. Because of this spiritual comfort, I was able to focus on studying and practicing. If you want to study performance in a family-like atmosphere, the Certificate Program at Judson University could very well be your best next step!”
Marina Hwang
Graduate Student and Accompanying Assistant
Eastern Illinois University School of Music, 2011-2013

Student Testimony

“I believe the most important turning point in my musical career was made at Judson University. In 2012, I was privileged to enter the Certificate Program at Judson University, through which I participated in the Judson University Choir and various chamber ensembles as an accompanist, as well as taught piano through the Judson Community Music School. What I liked the most about Judson was the passion the faculty and staff had for me as a student, which helped me to accomplish my goal of completing the requirements of the Certificate Program. I felt that the faculty had faith in me and were willing to help me become the best musician I could be. I really appreciated how the Certificate Program was set up, providing one-on-one lessons and mentoring as well as classroom instruction. In small group classes, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and comments with friends. I also appreciated that the faculty provided sincere recommendations when it came time to apply to graduate school. In fact, I believe that Judson was my best choice to prepare for graduate school in the USA. I hope that many students who want to prepare for further musical study in the United States will take the opportunity to complete the Certificate Program at Judson University.”
Mijung An
Graduate Student and Graduate Instructional Assistant
Texas State University School of Music, 2014

Piano Instructor at Orpheus Academy of Music since 2016

Student Testimony

“I’m confident 2013 was the best year of my musical life up to this point because of the Performance Certificate in Music Program at Judson University. Although it was only two semesters in length, I had an unusual and unique experience. I had a great opportunity to expand my English language skills and increase my exposure to Western music and culture. I grew in confidence in piano performance thanks to Dr. Hong’s excellent teaching and consistent encouragement. All of the classes were taught in an atmosphere of freedom and pleasure, which was quite different from the lecture-style classes I had experienced in China. This educational method was good for me as it helped me to improve my English and communication skills. In addition, every professor and student in the Music Department was quite kind and friendly. They provided great help to me when I had difficulties. One of my best memories at Judson was the Spring Choir Tour. Due to that special time of travel and performance, I was reminded of God’s love and “How Great is our God” as we sang that worship song in each performance. I will keep all of the unforgettable moments at Judson University in my mind. I firmly believe that Judson University is the best choice for young people who wish to pursue their dream, hope and happiness!”
Guihua Cui
Performance Certificate Graduate 2013

Studying at Hansei University in DMA program

Recent Graduates:

  • 2015 Performance Certificate Graduate Sangwon Moon was accepted into the Master of Music Piano Performance Program at Northern Illinois University and recently won the Northern Illinois University Concerto Competition with the challenging Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1 (first movement) in Spring 2016. Sangwon was awarded a graduate assistant. 
  • 2016 Performance Certificate Graduate Ah Hae Song was accepted into the Master of Music Piano Performance Program at Northern Illinois University with a graduate assistantship.
  • 2017 Performance Certificate Graduate Hana Kim was accepted at UCLA for a graduate degree in Piano Studies.


Tranquillity CD

Tranquillity CD

Dr. Sojung Lee Hong, Judson Associate Professor of Piano and SungChan Chang, Associate Principal Cello with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra have collaborated to record a stunningly beautiful CD of peaceful classical repertoire and hymn arrangements. Proceeds from the sale of the Tranquillity CD will benefit the Korean Scholarship Fund. The CD is available through www.mkt.com/DCWPA.

Read more about the story behind the CD

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