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Student Testimony

Guihua Cui

Graduate Student and Graduate Instructional Assistant, Texas State University School of Music, 2014

Piano Instructor at Orpheus Academy of Music since 2016

“I believe the most important turning point in my musical career was made at Judson University. In 2012, I was privileged to enter the Certificate Program at Judson University, through which I participated in the Judson University Choir and various chamber ensembles as an accompanist, as well as taught piano through the Judson Community Music School. What I liked the most about Judson was the passion the faculty and staff had for me as a student, which helped me to accomplish my goal of completing the requirements of the Certificate Program. I felt that the faculty had faith in me and were willing to help me become the best musician I could be. I really appreciated how the Certificate Program was set up, providing one-on-one lessons and mentoring as well as classroom instruction. In small group classes, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and comments with friends. I also appreciated that the faculty provided sincere recommendations when it came time to apply to graduate school. In fact, I believe that Judson was my best choice to prepare for graduate school in the USA. I hope that many students who want to prepare for further musical study in the United States will take the opportunity to complete the Certificate Program at Judson University.”

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