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Pre-Law Certificate

The Pre-Law Certificate may be combined with any major at Judson. It consists of 24 hours of coursework and internship experience designed to help students develop the skills necessary for successful performance in law school and legal practice. It is recommended that you develop the specifics of your pre-law program in consultation with your major advisor and Judson's Pre-Law Advisor, Professor Craig Kaplowitz. They will help you tailor the program to your needs and interests.

Core Courses: 6 Hours

  • American Government
  • Pre-Law Practicum

Supporting Courses: 9 hours from the following:

  • Persuasion, Argumentation and Debate, or Advanced Public Speaking
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Law
  • Recent America: The U.S. Since 1945 or Minority Experience in America
  • Introduction to Philosophy

Skill-Building Elective Courses: 9 hours from the following (from at least 2 departments) Note: courses used to satisfy Supporting Course requirement should not be used to satisfy this requirement:

  • City and Suburb in American History
  • History of U.S. Foreign Relations
  • Minority Experience in America
  • Recent America: The U.S. Since 1945
  • History of Christianity
  • Medieval Europe
  • American Church History
  • Nationalism and Globalization
  • Modern Imperialism
  • World and Revolution
  • Archetypes of Western Literature
  • Analysis of Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Non-Western Literature
  • Light in Darkness
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Christian Ethics (Intro to Philosophy is a prerequisite)
  • Contemporary Theology
  • Persuasion
  • Argumentation and Debate
  • Advanced Public Speaking

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