Pre-Law with History Major Concentration | Judson University Christian College

History Pre-Law Major

The History Pre-Law major builds pre-law preparation into the history major at Judson University. The history major helps develop the reading, thinking, and writing skills necessary for law school preparation, and provides context to help understand current issues related to international and U.S. law. These courses are supplemented by additional coursework to expand conceptual and oral communication abilities pertinent to future legal training.

HIS171: Rise of the U.S. to 1877

HIS172: Rise of the U.S. since 1877

POL222: American Government

Two upper level U.S. history courses (300-400 level)

Three upper level world history courses (300-400 level)

HIS484: Historical Research and Writing

BUS253: Business Law or PHL260 Introduction to Philosophy

One Advanced Speech course (SPC320: Argumentation and Debate, SPC321: Persuasion, or SPC323: Advanced Public Speaking)

One upper level History elective or an Advanced Writing elective or an upper level Theological Studies elective 

POL295: or POL495: Pre-Law Practicum I or II (3 hours)

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