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Pre-Law Internship and Off-Campus Study Opportunities

The Pre-Law Program at Judson University provides many opportunities for students to gain both hands-on experience and additional training.

Off-Campus Study and Interships

Law, Justice, and Culture Institute

Judson is a partnering institution with the Law, Justice and Culture Institute here in the greater Chicago area. The Institute offers a May-term seminar for Juniors and Seniors, in which participating students earn three credit hours while engaging the subjects of law and justice through a Christian worldview. The seminar format is also excellent preparation for the rigors of law school.

American Studies Program

Judson is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), and our students may attend the CCCU's American Studies Program in Washington, D.C. This semester "abroad" program examines issues of faith and citizenship through study and an internship in the D.C. area. Pre-law students gain valuable experience and networking opportunities through internships in such offices as the Department of Justice, lobbying firms, Christian social justice organizations, and Congressional staffs.

Chicago Semester

Judson is a participating institution in the Chicago Semetser program, a semester "abroad" study opportunity in downtown Chicago. Combining a faith-based approach to understanding the city with a substantial internship experience based on individual student interests, the program provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable pre-law experience while learning to think carefully and Christianly about the society in which we live.

Local Internships

Here in the Elgin area students have several opportunities for internships (including some for credit), in private law practices. Most notably, many Judson students intern with Administer Justice, a local legal aid organization directed by Judson alum and Trustee Bruce Strom. One Judson intern recently assisted Bruce on an amicus curie brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. Students gain valuable experience while contributing to this vital service in our local community.

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