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Students in our Science and Mathematics Department can choose from one of six majors including a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry, Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, or a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences. Judson also offers a variety of pre-professional programs for students who plan to apply to professional schools of medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.


With the academic, personal, and professional skills gained through thesemajors, graduates can pursue the following rewarding careers: Doctor, Nurse, Physician Assistant, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Biologist, Chemist, Lab Technician, Mathematician, Outdoor Program Coordinator, Teacher, Professor, Business Professional





Natural Sciences

Science and Math Minors

In addition to our offered science and math degrees, you can also add one of our science or math minors to your existing major.

Pre-Professional Programs

The Science and Mathematics Department offers four-year program for students who plan to apply to professional schools of medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Students in these programs select one of the majors listed above, and then customize it to meet the admissions requirements of professional schools in their field(s) of interest. The department also offers two-year programs for students interested in careers in pharmacy. After completing two years of basic science and liberal arts requirements at Judson, and securing acceptance to the appropriate professional school, pre-pharmacy students complete and additional four years for the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.

Science & Math Education

Judson’s School of Education offers several options for students interested in science or mathematics education. Secondary education majors may choose programs in biology, chemistry, or mathematics. Elementary education majors may choose from concentrations within the fields of science and mathematics.

Transfer Guidelines

Students who intend to transfer into any of the science or pre-professional programs at Judson University should attempt to take full-year sequences of Biology and Chemistry in preparation for enrollment at Judson. Potential transfer students are encouraged to contact the department as early as possible to discuss possible transfer courses and degree plans to avoid extending their college years unnecessarily.

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