Summer Study Tour

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Architectural Summer Study Tour Details

The summer study tour is structured around three primary areas of learning: focused, observational field-sketching and watercolor rendering; critically experiencing significant pieces; and places in art & architecture history an engaged understanding of how the built environment impacts place, culture and cities

The course is taught by two department faculty members each year. The teaching faculty rotate from year to year. As such, the focus, content and destinations vary with each iteration of the course. Typically the course includes two weeks in Italy and two weeks in a European destination of the instructors’ discretion. In addition to Italy, recent past tours have included sites in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. Future study tours may include sites farther afield.

Students should speak with their advisors as soon as their second year regarding registration and preparation for the Architectural Summer Study Tour. Preparations, readings and sketch workshops take place throughout the academic year prior to the May-term course. An informational meeting is held near the end of each school year, outlining the scope and preparations for the following year’s course. Second year students should attend this meeting so that tuition and course costs can be anticipated in financial aid planning.

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Summer Study Tour Locations

Below are schools where Judson architecture students have studied in the recent past, however, we continually seek new study abroad destinations and relationships.

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