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Jeffery Carl is a native of suburban Chicago. He earned a BFA in Illustration, an MA in Studio Art, and an MFA in Drawing and Painting from Northern Illinois University.

Harm A. Weber Academic Center

The 88,000 square foot, Harm A. Weber Academic Center (HAWAC) is home to Judson’s Art and Design Department, Architecture and Interior Design Department, and the Benjamin P. Browne Library, the Draewell Gallery, and Jerry’s Café. A LEED Gold ® Certified building, HAWAC is one of the most energy-efficient buildings of its kind in the United States.

Harm A. Weber-Academic Center - (HAWAC) Architecture Studio
Central Atrium
The building includes a wide variety of studios for Art, Design, Architecture and other students. You’ll find digital labs with industry standard software, a film and photography studio, a letterpress and printmaking studio, and more.
A student uses studio space at a green countertop to paint
Personal Studio Spaces

Students have access to a variety of studios for Art, Design, Architecture and other projects. Individual studio spaces for upper level students are also found in this building.

Red and yellow displays in Draewell Gallery
Draewell Gallery

The Draewell Gallery is a not-for-profit art gallery located in the building. In addition to holding local and national exhibits, it also provides opportunities for students to exhibit their work.

Alumni Success

I owe a great deal of my post-graduation success to Judson University. While I was there, I developed a solid design and professional foundation that helped me transition into the design industry. What I’ve always valued about the design program was the dedication my professors had in seeing their students succeed. They made sure we were as prepared as possible to take on the design world. When projects got challenging, I could always count on them and my studio mates to provide critical feedback.
Alyssa LowVisual CommunicationsCLASS of 2011


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