Computer Science Department

Computer Science professor and students

Program Faculty

Dr. Jerry Schnepp
Chair of Computer Science, Associate Professor
Dr. Jerry Schnepp is Chair of the Computer Science Department at Judson University. His research efforts focus on STEM Education, Learner Experience Design, Technology for Online Assessment, Interactive Mobile Learning, and Computerized Sign Language Synthesis.

Department Highlights

See what makes the Judson University Computer Science Department unique.


Within your last year, you will have a practical internship to develop your profession skills and practice applying your knowledge in the field of Computer Science. Judson has relationships with area businesses and non-profits in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs to help students find internships.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from our Computer Science program will be prepared to begin professional careers as a full-stack software engineer, web developer, software test engineer, database administrator, system engineer, front-end developer, back-end developer, DevOps engineer, and big data engineer.


Judson University has entered into an academic partnership with Visual Paradigm to better facilitate the teaching of software design through the use of Visual Paradigm.

Learning Objectives

  • Sound fundamentals of Computer Science, including the application of data structures, efficient algorithms and software design patterns
  • Multiple programming languages including some of the most popular languages on the market today
  • Hands-on familiarity with popular open-source tools and technologies
  • In-depth understanding of the communication protocols that power the Internet and modern telephony systems
  • Extensive experience solving real problems
  • How to apply theory through writing software
Get Real World Experience
Students are required to complete a practical computer science internship within their last year. Judson has many relationships with area businesses and nonprofits in the city of Elgin and the Chicagoland to help students find the right opportunity for them.

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