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Congratulations on your admission to Judson University!!!

We want to make things as simple as possible for you, so please use the following as a guide for your steps to becoming an actual student. We hope this information will help make your transition as trouble-free as possible.

2019 Dates to Remember

May 17 Registration Day
June 14 Registration Day
July 19 Registration Day
August 1 Registration Day
August 15-18   Fall Orientation
August 19 First Day of Fall Semester
August 18 Last Day to Register for Classes
Important Next Steps

Enrollment Deposit 

  • What: Holds your place in class
  • Who: Anyone who wants to go to classes (Everyone)
  • When: By May 1 and before registering for classes (refundable until June 1).


Housing Deposit 

  • What: Holds your place in the dorm
  • Who: Anyone who wants to live on-campus
  • When: Before registering for classes or signing up for a Registration Day.


Housing Profile

  • What: Requests your roommate. Be wise.
  • Who: Everyone!! (This is the form where you will be asked to declare your housing preferences: Commuter or Resident.)
  • When: Before registering for classes or signing up for a Registration Day.


Registration Days  

  • What: A one day program to complete administrative campus business and sign up for classes.
  • Who: Everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • When: Registration Days for 2019 are May 17, June 14, July 19 and August 1.

Sign Up

Health Forms

  • What: Health forms include: Pre-entrance Medical record, Immunization/Physical form, Insurance Waiver
  • Who: Everyone
  • When: By first day of classes


Lifestyle Statement

  • What: Lifestyle expectation and conduct guidelines that students agree to abide by while at Judson
  • Who: Anyone who did not complete it with their application.
  • When: Before the first day of classes


*Please contact your Admission Representative if you are unable to make these payments.

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