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Founded in 1963, Judson University is one of the leaders in adult education in the Midwest.  With campuses in Elgin, Rockford, and online, Judson offers bachelor's, master's and Doctoral degrees to help you grow personally and professionally.  Starting in 2019, Judson is launching a new suite of professional certificate programs including cybersecurity, project, process, Six Sigma and data science respectively.  Our data science bootcamp, in particular, is designed to be the nation's first applied data science bootcamp with separate pathways for coders, math/stats, and business professionals.  Our mandate?  To create the most differentiated and applied data science bootcamp in the nation. To achieve this, Judson has partnered with Decision Support Sciences, a thought-leading data science consultancy that has deployed data science, machine learning, AI, and goal-solving decision support engagements in over 40 countries and for over 25 F500 firms.  Join us for the most differentiated and applied Data Science content anywhere.  Judson, DSS, and you.  Partnering together for your future.



Dr. James Libby, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Decision Support Sciences (DSS).  Over the last 28 years, DSS and its associates have performed large scale consulting engagements for Fortune 500 companies in over 40 countries worldwide.  Clients Jim or DSS has worked for include Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Gillette, Union Carbide, McDonald’s, the Coca Cola Company, Bank of America, Bank of Montreal, JP Morgan Chase, Wachovia, PNC, T. Rowe Price, and many others. Dr. Libby's signature focus on applying theoretical and applied mathematics to real world problems has led to his keynoting or presenting at major industry events including BAI’s retail delivery conference, Bank of America’s COP conference, IBC’s data mining conference, Morgan Stanley's CTO Summit, Microsoft’s Global Best Practices in Marketing conference, and AMA’s ART Forum. Dr. Libby also lectures on data science best practices at leading MBA and Ph.D. programs nationwide (e.g. UNC and UIUC).


Lanette Poteete-Young, Ph.D., Professor, and Dean of the Department of Science and Mathematics at Judson University, received her PhD in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University in 1993.  Since the fall of 1994 she has been a full time-mathematics and statistics faculty member at Judson University.  Her interests lie in the pedagogy of teaching mathematics and statistics with a particular interest in teaching mathematics online. Lanette is married to an attorney in the Elgin area and they have two children, both adopted from China.  When not doing mathematics, she can be found at various softball fields in the area watching her husband and daughter play softball, or at roller skating rinks watching her son compete in inline speed skating.


A unique combination of Ph.D. scholars, educators, researchers, coders, data ecosystems architects, and marketing scientists.  All with deep, applied vertical domain experience.



It starts with people, to be sure.  But we have placed in our educators' hands the leading academic content, applications, architectures, software, repositories and platforms.  Why? Because premier people plus premier assets equals premier enablement.


There is a hidden little secret among data science bootcamps, you know.  Over 80% of them are "academic - only" bootcamps, taught by Ph.D.s.  In fact, most frequently, certificate-based bootcamps are  little more than the first semester of a master's degree in data science taught from the vantage point of either math/stats, business or computer science.  The problem?  Data science requires all three.  And, most importantly, data science needs to be applied to real-world operational problems you face NOW.  That's why 1) our team includes Ph.D. practitioners with applied data science experience within dozens of F500 firms worldwide and 2) 50% of our content is learn-by-doing.  That adds up to working smarter not longer.


Without code you've got nothing.  But code in no longer enough.  Just like libraries need books, you need repositories of code: code that embeds the "math that liberates revenue."  So, we go beyond code to repositories. And then we automate that.


In the 1990s machine learning (ML)  became real. In the 2020s ML, Deep learning and AI (in its real not its over-hyped form) will be automated.  Our team will show you the accelerators as well as the potholes. And beware.  There are potholes in AI ahead.  But even more opportunities, provided we avoid the potholes.


Without the folks that know the business goals, processes and tank traps, all the math and code in the world won't help at all. That's why our entire bootcamp solves critical business problems.  After all, if we aren't applying this stuff to the most critical business problems, we are wasting our time.

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