You asked for it.  You got it.  Ten competitively differentiated features of the Judson Data Science Bootcamp:

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  • The First Bootcamp Designed by and for F500-2000 Firms

    Undergirding the Judson Data Science Bootcamp was over a quarter million dollars in research focused on what F500 and F200 firms actually wanted in a bootcamp.  In that research we also performed a competitive, market and demand assessment of the 116 academic data science programs and the 29 existing data bootcamps worldwide.  Our goal: to create a truly differentiated experience for the F500 and F2000 corporate customer.

  • The First Fully Configurable, Modular Bootcamp: A Bootcamp of Bootcamps

    How do the modules that we described above actually work? Just complete the first introductory week (if you need a brush-up on data science) and then attend any of the remaining two-week modules you desire.  You pay only for the modules you attend.

  • The First Fully APPLIED Data Science Bootcamp

    The Judson Data Science Bootcamp addresses the hottest real-world challenges as 2-week modules: Innovation, Predictive Analytics, Product Design/ Optimization, Customer Capture/Experience/Segmentation, Data Ecosystem, etc.  For the specific modules, click here. Our approach is so integrated with business issues that we intentionally decided (even though it is grammatically incorrect) we call our bootcamp a "bootcamp." Because sometimes you need to break convention to get it right.

  • The First to Offer Custom Paths Within the Bootcamp: Coders, Quants, and Business Professionals

    Three customized pathways are available: for coders, for "quants," and for business professionals.  Coders typically have a computer science background.  "Quants" typically have a mathematics, statistics, or engineering background.  Business professionals typically have a business or marketing background.

  • The First Taught by Ph.D./Practitioners with Experience in 40 Countries

    The Judson Data Science Bootcamp is taught by three Ph.D./Practitioner/Educator/Mentors who collectively have deployed data science-based engagements in 40+ countries for over 20 F500 firms.

  • The First in Inclusion

    The Judson Data Science Bootcamp reserves one third of its seats for underserved STEM populations.  As corporate and federal social responsibility funds become available, the bootcamp intends that those seats will be offered free of charge to these populations.

  • The First in Pricing Flexibility and the Lowest Onsite Cost to Enroll

    The Judson Data Science Bootcamp is first in pricing flexibility:

    • It is 30% lower in price on average ($2,500 per 2-week module) than competitive corporate bootcamps
    • An additional discount of 10% is awarded for multiple attendees from a single corporation.
    • An additional pre-enrollment discount of 10% is awarded for enrollment in the next cohort beyond the current cohort.
  • The First to Use Industry-Specific Data Sets from Six Industries

    The industry-specific data sets include financial services, automotive, telecommunications, banking, healthcare, and retail.  Other minor datasets are also available.

  • One of the First in Currency and Thought Leadership

    The Judson Data Science Bootcamp is one of the most advanced bootcamps nationwide.  It has five distinctives:

    • We include Machine Learning (ML), and AI but go beyond it to Deep Learning (DL).
    • We include data visualization but go beyond it to demand, competitor and innovation visualization.
    • We include Python and R, but go beyond it to the repositories and engines that automate them.
    • We embrace standard best practices in data science education but go beyond it to the data science landscape -- who does what -- and who does it well.
    • We embrace best practices in data science theory but go beyond it to applied data science and decision support (via decision support platforms)
  • One of the First to Provide Mentor Access

    A small number of data science bootcamps offer mentors -- practitioners who can mentor you during the bootcamp.  The Judson Data Science Bootcamp provides free in-class mentoring by our Ph.D./practitioner/mentors as well as fee-based outside-of-class mentoring by recognized thought leaders in data science nationwide.


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