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  • Q:  What is the "Fifth Wave" of Data Science? (Click on Questions to find the answers)

    A:  The first four waves of analytical data science were statistics in the 1920’s, neural networks beginning in the 1970’s but maturing in the 1990’s, machine learning and AI in the 1990’s-2000’s and deep learning in the 2010’s.  The fifth wave is decision support - software tools and procedures that sit on top of waves 1-4.  Wave five uses the models and structural understanding of the data obtained in waves 1-4 to answer real world business problems.  Wave five….is the payoff.

  • Q: What is a Module/PowerCamp, anyway?

    A: A Module (which our content provider DSS calls "PowerCamps") is a two-week-long, hands-on, intensive 30 hours of instruction, held outside of work hours. Modules/PowerCamps unlike anything else you have ever seen. PowerCamps power you to an expert’s level of knowledge in solving the most critical real-world business issues using the latest in data science, theory, pedagogy, software and training.  Unlike coding-only, math-only, or theory only PowerCamp’s integrate all three.

  • Q: What’s different about Modules/"PowerCamps"?

    PowerCamps are the first bootcamps in the nation to be fully fifth wave:

    We START with the business problem and teach data science inductively – like a lab course.


    PowerCamps are short: just two-week intensives

    30 hours outside of business hours on Wednesday and Friday night and “Seven hour Saturdays.”


    PowerCamps are comprehensive topically

    They include all the most relevant data driven challenges linked to revenue in most organizations: innovation, predictive analytics, data ecosystem enhancement, product design/optimization, market and data visualization, customer satisfaction/experience, customer segmentation.


    PowerCamps are taught by Ph.D. practitioners who are national experts

    With data science experience in over 40 countries worldwide


    PowerCamps integrate teams

    By putting business professional, coders, and quants into actual teams – like must happen in your organization – but with pathways for each type of learner.


    PowerCamps are inductive - 50% learn by doing with no homework

    Because maximal retention happens when you learn theory and practice it immediately.


    PowerCamps are WAY affordable - $75 per instructional hour

    Because education shouldn’t require you to take out a second mortgage.


    PowerCamps provide certificates from an accredited university

    (Judson University a leader in adult education in the Midwest.)


  • Q: How are Judson's Modules/PowerCamps different than other "fourth wave" bootcamps?

    A PowerCamp crosses disciplines.  It includes the business problem, the appropriate math to use (e.g. ML or AI algorithms), and the code that can get you there.  Lastly, on top of that you get trained in examples of fifth-wave decision support.  Fifth-wave decision support sits on top of the math and uses it to solve real-world business problems.

  • Q: When and where are you holding the Modules/PowerCamps?

    The two cohorts of our FifthWave Data Science PowerCamps begin on January 8th, 2020 and  August 29th, 2020, respectively. All cohorts are held at the Elgin campus of Judson University, Lindner Tower, classrooms E and F.  (1151 N. State Street, Elgin, IL. 60123)

  • Q: How many Judson Data Science Modules/PowerCamps are there?

    There are eight Judson Data Science Modules/PowerCamps. The first "Introduction to Data Science" is one week long.  All others are two weeks long. To see them all, click here.

  • Q: Are Judson's Modules/PowerCamps convenient?  Are they held outside of regular work hours?

    That's two questions, actually!  But the answer is "yes" to both!

    • Each two week PowerCamp is conveniently located (right off the 290 expressway)
    • Each two week PowerCamp is conveniently scheduled.  All PowerCamps are held in the evenings (Wednesdays and Fridays) and on Saturdays.
  • Q: How many "in-class" hours does it take to complete each Module/PowerCamp?

    All PowerCamps are held on Wednesday from 6PM-10:PM, and 9AM to 4PM on Saturdays.


    The only difference is that the first PowerCamp "Introduction to Data Science" is one week long.  All other PowerCamps are two weeks long.  Thus, the first PowerCamp includes a total of 15 hours of in-class training.  All others include 30 hours of in-class training.

  • Q: What does each of Judson's Modules/PowerCamps cost?

    Each two-week PowerCamp costs $2500 or $2250 for early registration.

    The charge for the introductory Module/PowerCamp (one week long) is $1250 (or $1125 for early registration).


    The early registration period ends one month before the first PowerCamp begins.

  • Q: Is a certificate earned for each PowerCamp?

    Upon successful completion of each PowerCamp, the student will receive a certification for that competency alone.  If a student completes all 15 weeks of training a Cross-Competency Certificate of Applied Data Science will be awarded.  Certifications are awarded by Judson University, an accredited (HLC) institution of higher learning.

  • Q: Do I need to complete all Eight Modules/PowerCamps to receive the Cross-Competency Applied Data Science Certification?


  • Q: How do I register?

    Click here.


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