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Architecture Department


Edgardo Perez-Maldonado, Architecture Department Chair, Interior Design Program Director

August Domel, Craig Fansworth, Alan Frost, Sean Gallagher, Dan Hussey, Thomas Jaeger, Christopher Lauriat, John Loritsch, Michael Messiner, Marcus Petroli, Keyvan Rafii


The Judson Architecture Program aspires to be a global leader in architectural education and Christian Service.

The Architecture Program provides Judson students with a Christ-centered, comprehensive, professional architecture education. Delivered by a committed faculty, the program focuses on:

  • Inspiring students to demonstrate their commitment to our natural environment, sustainability and the development of a quality built environment
  • Encouraging students in academics and community through a interdisciplinary approach that prepares leaders and tempers professionals
  • Nurturing students in the exploration of architecture and its divergent approaches, their creativity in design, and their expressions of personal beliefs in their personal and professional activities
  • Demonstrating a strong faith-based worldview through our program, teaching, and lives
  • Continuously exploring and defining the intersection between Christianity and architecture education and service


We are a Christ-centered community who appreciate diversity, embrace critical and creative excellence, develop visual and spacial imagination, and model stewardship and hope in service to local and global communities.

Admission to the Architecture Program

  1. Admission into the Pre-Professional Years (Years 1 and 2) of the Architecture/Interior Design Programs:
    To be admitted into the Architecture Program, a student must complete both a Judson University application and an Architecture or Interior Design Program application. Students are first admitted into Judson University before they are considered by the Department of Architecture. Both applications must be received before the date specified (generally mid-April) in the architecture application. Space is limited in the programs, and not all applicants are admitted. Contact the Department of Architecture or the Admissions Office for information regarding either early action or regular admission.

    Students admitted into the programs as freshmen are admitted first into the pre-professional years of the program. A separate application is required to be admitted into the professional and graduate years of the program.

    Transfer students without a background in architecture or interior design are placed as freshmen. Advanced standing may be granted to transfer students with degrees or credit in architecture or interior design.

  2. Admission into the Professional Years (Years 3 and 4) of the Architecture/Interior Design Programs:
    To proceed into the final two years of the pre-professional program, students must complete a secondary application process which includes:
    • Completed application form
    • A portfolio of work that shows growing proficiency and promise of future success in architectural/interior design education and in the profession
    • A letter of intent that indicates strong professional aspiration
    • Transcript of grades including:
      a. An overall GPA of 2.50
      b. An overall GPA of 2.75 in all ARC, ART, DES and INT subjects, with no single grade below C- in ARC, ART, DES, and INT courses
    • Approval by the vote of the Department of Architecture faculty based upon the applicant's demonstrated commitment to the field of architecture. Students who are not admitted from the pre-professional years into the professional years may work to improve application credentials and apply in the next year or may transfer into another degree program.
    • International students must include an IELTS exam transcript with a score of 5.5 or above, or equivalent TOEFL score for consideration.

  3. Admission into the Master of Architecture Degree Program:
    The Master of Architecture degree is a fully accredited professional degree, which prepares the student for license eligibility in most states. Admission into the program is restricted to those students who have:
    • Successful completion of Judson B.A. in Architecture or equivalent
    • Completed one year of professional office experience (preceptorship) in the field
    • Completed the application process and been accepted into the graduate program; see Admissions page of the catalog for details

Architecture Policies

Permission to Take Graduate Credit

Undergraduate students in Architecture are permitted to take up to 6.0 hours of ARC graduate credit on the following basis:

Completion of third year of the B.A. program evidenced by:

  • Senior classification; at least 90 credits earned
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Transfer Students and Transfer Credit

The Professional Program in Architecture is designed for motivated and creatively endowed students entering directly from high school. However, the program will accept transfer students. Students without any architecture or art/design coursework must apply as architecture freshmen with both a Judson and an architecture application.

Exceptional students with some coursework in architecture may receive advanced standing after submission of Judson and architecture applications and evaluation by the department faculty. Students must submit portfolios of their work for review. Graduate students may transfer a maximum of 6 credits into the program.

Credit of Architecture Subjects Toward Graduation

A student in both the Architecture Pre-Professional Program and the Architecture Professional Program must receive a C- or above in all subjects in the Architecture Core (i.e., subjects with a prefix of ARC) for that subject to count toward their graduation requirements. A grade of D+, D or D- is treated as an F grade for major requirements and the course must be repeated satisfactorily.

Art, Design, Architecture, and Interior Design Handbook Supplement

Details of the above and other program policies and procedures are outlined in the Art, Design, and Architecture Supplement to Judson University Student Handbook.

Retention of Student Work

As part of the process of sustaining accreditation by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB), the Department of Architecture is required to prepare a periodic exhibition of student work for each NAAB accreditation visit. Samples of student work for many course assignments completed during their BA and M.Arch program are required. Consequently, a comprehensive archive of student work must be kept.

All student work produced as part of coursework in the Department of Architecture is subject to archiving. The work of a student does not permanently remain the property of the department and school, and will be made available to the student after it has served its purpose for accreditation. The possibility exists that a student's work may be kept for up to six years. The student retains ownership of the work.

The department will endeavor to keep the work in the best possible condition, but cannot be responsible for any loss or damage. Students may check out their work from the archive for a short period and have it photographed for their portfolio.

Accreditation History

Records of previous accreditation visits and results are available on the University website at

Student Success and Registrar's Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Vice President for Student Success and

University Registrar


Maria Aguirre
Academic Advisor - Adult Professional (BA) and Graduate


Casimiro Vela
Academic Advisor - Adult Professional (AA)


Caitlin Kiel
Assistant to the Registrar:
Catalog and Reporting


Kirsten Olson

Transfer Student Director


Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Advisor


Rebecca Huguley
Registrar's Office Coordinator
Transcript Orders and Enrollment Verifications


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