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Exercise and Sport Science Majors


  • 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson.
  • 40% of major requirements must be upper division.

Health Promotion and Performance Major

Four Year Plan

Pre-Requisites Required by Major

  • BIO273 Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab (fulfills Gen Ed Science Requirement)
MAJOR REQUIREMENTS     Required = 16 courses, 48-54 hours
 BIO273Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab(4) 
 BIO274Anatomy and Physiology II w/Lab(4) 
 ESS241Principles of Personal and Community Health(3) 
 ESS242Foundations of Sport and Health(3) 
 ESS251Lifespan Motor Development(3) 
 ESS346Risk Mgt for Sport and Health Professionals(3) 
 ESS372Health Nutrition for Performance(3) 
 ESS378Sport and Exercise Psychology(3) 
 ESS393ESS Colloquium(0) 
 ESS395ESS Practicum(1) 
 ESS450Physical Activity Assessment and Measurement(3) 
 ESS460Health Education and Promotion(3) 
 ESS467Exercise Physiology(3) 
 ESS480ESS Senior Seminar(3) 
 ESS495ESS Internship(6-12) 


Sport Management Major

Four-Year Plan
MAJOR REQUIREMENTS     Required = 14 courses, 40 hours
 BUS240Economic Principles(3) 
 BUS250Management Principles(3) 
 BUS367Content/Social Media Marketing(3) 
 BUS401Leading Teams(4) 
 BUS457Strategic Planning and Assessment(3) 
 ESS242Foundations of Sport and Health(3) 
 ESS270Sport Sociology(3) 
 ESS275Facility and Event Management(3) 
 ESS280Accounting/Sport Professionals(3) 
 ESS346Risk Mgt for Sport and Health Professionals(3) 
 ESS351Sport Finance(3) 
 ESS352Sports Marketing(0) 
 ESS395ESS Practicum(1) 
 ESS480ESS Senior Seminar(3) 
ESS COLLOQIUM    Required = 0 hours
 NOTE: Sport Management majors should register for ESS393 ESS Colloquium each of their last four semesters. Exception: ESS393 may be waived by the ESS Chair the last semester if incompatible with ESS Internship.
 ESS393ESS Colloquium(0) 
ESS INTERNSHIP     Required = 6-12 hours
 ESS495ESS Internship(6-12) 

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