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Worship Arts Department


Mark Torgerson, Department Chair

Warren Anderson, Sojung Hong, Robert Kania, Tim May, Bethany Timmons


Humanity was created to worship the Triune, Holy God. The Worship Arts major is an interdisciplinary program grounded in music, theology, and communication studies. Worship Arts majors are equipped to lead and train God's people in fulfilling our primary purpose for existence.


Worship Arts programs at Judson University:

  • Prepare students to experience worship event production in diverse settings
  • Enable students to demonstrate proficiency in communication arts, speech and writing, use of media and programming for the performing arts in worship
  • Prepare students to integrate basic Christian doctrine, the history and theology of worship and administration in church and parachurch settings
  • Encourage students to develop a sensitivity to the particular needs of their congregations
  • Prepare students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the interrelationship of music, drama, media in supporting the worship experience

Student Success and Registrar's Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Vice President for Student Success and

University Registrar


Maria Aguirre
Academic Advisor - Adult Professional (BA) and Graduate


Casimiro Vela
Academic Advisor - Adult Professional (AA)


Caitlin Kiel
Assistant to the Registrar:
Catalog and Reporting


Kirsten Olson

Transfer Student Director


Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Advisor


Rebecca Huguley
Registrar's Office Coordinator
Transcript Orders and Enrollment Verifications


General Inquiries

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