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Citizen Way - Love Is The Evidence

Citizen Way

A Band Formed at Judson University

The original Citizen Way band members, Ben & Josh Calhoun and Ben & David Blascoe, formed and first performed at Judson University in 2004.  Ben Calhoun serves as a Music Ambassador in the Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts, partnering with the Worship Arts and Music programs to help create a community of artists. In the past, Citizen Way has also partnered with Judson's resident movie production studio, Wanderlust Productions, in recording the closing track ("Sing, Sing, Sing") for one of their movies entitled Furious Love.  They have performed with acts such as Mercy Me, Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Caedmon's Call and Phil Keaggy. Citizen Way also helped make Judson University the official sponsor of Ignite Chicago.

"[Judson is] where we started, and where we first played live at a Chapel service on September 3, 2004. Including our wives, 6 of the 8 of us attended Judson. Our practice space was Dark Room Studios, the recording studio I built on campus. Judson is where I wrote my first song, and where I met my wife. It continues to be one of the most influential places in my life. If you're looking for a university to call home, I invite you to consider our Christ-centered community of learning to prepare you for the journey ahead." - Ben Calhoun, Citizen Way

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