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Special Education Major


NOTE: Please refer to Education Goals and Objectives for overall and major requirements that apply to all education majors.

Special Education: Learning Behavior Specialist Major


  1. 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson
  2. 40% of major requirements must be upper division
  3. Bilingual and ESL endorsements are available with this major; see "Education Endorsements and Approvals" page for requirements


  • PSY111 Introduction to Psychology (fulfills Gen Ed Social Science Requirement)
  • ENG261 Children's Literature and ENG264 Adolescent Literature (fulfill Gen Ed Upper Division English requirement)
  • EDU301 Reflecting on the Conversation recommended (fulfills Gen Ed GEN301 requirement)
MAJOR/PROFESSIONAL    Required = 14 courses, 34 hours
  EDU101 Exploration in Education (3)  
  EDU102 Day of Assessments (0)  
  EDU131 Practicum I, Diversity (0)  
  EDU201 Strategic Education (2)  
  EDU202 Development and Learning (3)  
  EDU231E Practicum II, Teacher Aid, Elgin (1)  
  EDU231H Practicum II, Teacher Aid, Hometown (0)  
  EDU325 Literacy Across the Curriculum (3)  
  EDU331SPED Practicum III, Intructor Assist SPED (1)  
  NOTE: EDU411 consists of 2 7-week sessions, and should be taken for a total of 12 credit hours.
  EDU411 Student Teaching (12)  
  EDU491 Senior Seminar (3)  
  SPE328 Exceptional Child (3)  
  SPE233 Health, Nutrition and Safety (2)  
  ESS110 Community First Aid and Safety (1)  
LITERATURE     Required = 1 course, 3 hours
  Choose one of the following:
  ENG261 Children's Literature (3)  
  ENG264 Adolescent Literature (3)  
SPECIAL EDUCATION     Required = 13 courses, 36 hours
  SPE105 Introduction to Special Education (2)  
  SPE211 Assistive-Augmentative Technology (2)  
  SPE222 Learning Environment (3)  
  SPE313 Characteristics/Meth of Early Child Special Ed (3)  
  SPE321 Reading and Writing Methods (3)  
  SPE325 Comm Disorders Characteristics/Strategies (3)  
  SPE327 Assessment in Special Education (3)  
  SPE332 Char/Meth of Intermed/Middle Spec Ed (3)  
  SPE335 Char/Meth of Secondary Special Education (3)  
  SPE340 Classroom Intervention (3)  
  SPE342 Math/Sci Meth of Elem, Middle, Sec School (3)  
  EDU308 Language Devlopment/Young Child (3)  
  EDU330 Child/Family and Community Relationships (3)  

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