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University Endowment

Judson University stands for significant growth that will serve even more students than ever before. Since its founding in 1963, Judson has been committed to providing the very best Christian educational experience by challenging students to become fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their responsibility as citizens. We are producing graduates who are making a positive impact in our world. As the University looks ahead, Judson must increase its endowment base in order to ensure and expand the future of its ministry; to train the next generation of Christians to be experts in their chosen professions, while living lives that exemplify Christ, as the light of the world.

A robust andhealthy endowment fund is a vital component of the institution's long-term strength and stability. Due to the generous support of faithful donors throughout its history, Judson has been able to establish an endowment fund of almost $10 million. While Judson considers itself blessed to have these resources, the ramification of a small endowment for any institution limits the ability to:

  • attract and retain world-class Christian faculty
  • provide financial support for dedicated students who cannot afford a private Christian education
  • be proactive with facility renovation and campus modernization, while simultaneously preparing for future growth.

Support of the Judson University endowment is an investment in our future. When giving a gift for an endowment purpose the principal amount of the gift is given to the University with a stipulation that the funds are invested to earn annual income rather than be spent immediately. A portion of the annual earnings are used to support the specific benefit purpose designated by the donor, such as student scholarships or program support. The rest of the earnings are reallocated back into the endowment's principal to insure that the endowment continues to grow and maintain its purchasing power when factored against inflation. This ensures that an endowment gift will continue to make an impact, years after the initial gift has been made. 

Endowed Chair

For a faculty member to be awarded the distinction of being the recipient of an endowed chair is one of the highest honors within the academic community. It currently requires about $2 million to fully fund an endowed chair, of which the annual income is used to provide for the salary and scholarly development of the recipient. Traditionally, endowed chairs are established to recognize a past or current professor or administrator of distinction. Donors may contribute to an existing endowed chair fund, or may choose to establish a new endowed chair.

Endowed Professorship

An endowed professorship specifically offers assistance by providing a gift that will be invested to ensure an annual stipend that will be used to support the faculty members continued scholarly development and research. With a gift of $100,000 a donor can honor a professor that has made a significant impact on his or her life or the donor may choose to name the professorship in honor or memory of another important person in their life(s).

Endowed Facility

As with any institution, each of the existing campus facilities require upkeep and maintenance, while older facilities need remodeling and modernization. This presents significant challenges to the institution especially when factoring the costs of constructing new facilities to accommodate additional growth. The cost to endow an existing Judson facility can range from $1-$10 million (depending on the facility of interest).. A donor can assist with this funding by making a gift of $10,000 designated for this purpose. When fully funding a facility endowment, the donor may have the opportunity to honor an individual who has made a significant impact on their life(s) through the renaming of the facility.

Endowed Scholarship

Endowed scholarships provide an ongoing means of financial support for students of Judson University. A donor can establish an endowed scholarship with an investment of $10,000 or more. Larger initial gifts will create scholarships with larger annual awards. Through the naming of the scholarship, the donor(s) are able to honor or remember a loved one, friend or professor.

Judson Endowment Fund

The Judson Endowment Fund provides support for the University's annual operating costs. Donors who would like to make a long-lasting impact on Judson's future but do not have a strong preference as to how the proceeds of the endowment are used can make gifts of $10,000 or more to the Judson Endowment Fund. Donors will be recognized for gifts to the Judson Endowment Fund through the Judson Annual Report.

 For more information regarding endowment at Judson University, call the Office of Advancement at 847-628-2080 or email

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