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Judson's English major views language as a divine gift. We seek to be better readers and writers who are capable of understanding, creating, and building great things through this gift. These skills apply to numerous professional fields in our literacy-based digital culture. 

Literature courses include traditional classics in Western Literature such as Shakespeare, while embracing contemporary work in comic books and science fiction. In addition, we offer unique, thematically-designed courses such as Prophetic Comedy, Hero and Anti-Hero, and Faith and Doubt.

Writing classes address essentials of Non-Fiction Prose and Creative Writing, then cover specialized courses such as Media Writing and Screenwriting.

NOTE: English majors in Literature or Writing should consider the Oxford Summer Program and/or the Oxford Honors Program. Media Writing majors should consider a semester with the L.A. Film Studies Center. See Best Semester or consult your advisor. Students interested in teaching English at the secondary level should contact Judson's Education Department. We co-advise so that our graduates are certified by the State of Illinois and other cooperating states.

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Interdisciplinary Communication

The interdisciplinary major allows students to design a program of study uniquely tailored to their interests and career goals. In close consultation with an advisor, students will choose courses from the major areas related to communication: Communication Studies, English, Media, and Worship Arts.

The program must be designed in consultation with a professor in a communication-related department.

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Media Writing

The need for media writers has increased exponentially with the internet and the digital revolution. The Judson Media Writing major is an interdisciplinary program leading to work in business, news, entertainment, non-profit, and ministry-related fields.
One of the most comprehensive media writing programs at a Christian university, our program is unique through components such as internships and coursework with the L.A. Film Studies Center, and Chicago-area field trips connecting students with well-known writers.

So our students gain expertise through classroom, practicum, and internship experiences that make use of Chicago's rich opportunities.

 The outstanding faculty covers history and theory, old and new media, practical and creative writing. With courses like Media Writing and Screenwriting, the major paves the way for careers as a columnist, editor, social media manager, business writer, screenwriter, desktop publisher, public relations specialist, and more.

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English Literature Minor

If you love literature but feel called to a different major, the English Literature minor gives you plenty of room to explore great authors, spanning from ancient Greece to the contemporary period, while still concentrating on your official major. 

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English Writing Minor

Writing well increases creativity and improves language skills needed in every field and numerous professions.

In the minor, classes address essentials of advanced writing such as Non-Fiction Prose and Creative Writing and also cover specialized areas such as Screenwriting.

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Gabrielle Pflaum - Spotlight

Gabrielle Pflaum

Gabrielle Pflaum

Taking English as a minor was one of the best choices I could have made on both a personal and professional level. From reading “The Screwtape Letters” to creative writing classes, my understanding of literature and the craft of writing grew. The greatest contribution of all was the encouragement and amazing support of professors who believed in and wanted me to succeed. They helped me pursue my passion for writing and it’s through them that I’ve reached my dream of becoming a published author.

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