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Mission Statement, Goals, & Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Worship Arts Department at Judson University is to equip and inspire students to become fully developed, excellent worship leaders and facilitators, able to serve God and others both within the Church and in the world at large.


The Worship Arts Department provides a variety of educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom in order to prepare Worship Arts Majors to: 

  • Integrate the biblical, historical, and theological foundations of Christian worship with all aspects of their faith
  • Work professionally in worship-related ministries in the Church and parachurch organizations
  • Gain admission to related graduate-school and seminary programs


Successful Worship Arts Majors will

  • experience worship event production in diverse settings
  • demonstrate proficiency in communication arts, speech, writing, media, and programming for the performing arts in worship
  • integrate basic Christian doctrine, the history and theology of worship, and administration in church and parachurch settings
  • develop a sensitivity to the particular needs of their congregations
  • develop an understanding of and appreciation for the interrelationship of music, drama, and media in supporting the worship experience.

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