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David Amundson
David Amundson
David Amundson is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and the Director of Fabrication at Judson University. Prior to this role, he served 16 years as an adjunct instructor of Architecture and the Model Shop Director. Previously, he worked as a staff architect with architecture firms in Illinois, Delaware, and North Carolina. 
Alan Frost
Alan Frost
Alan Frost is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and has served as the Director of Fabrication as well as taught as an adjunct at Judson since 2011.
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher is a practitioner with an office in Geneva, IL.  His interests focus on the potential for architecture to reveal and connect humanity with the created order through the tectonic integration of natural phenomenon.
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Tom Jeager 2014b
Tom Jaeger
Tom Jaeger is an architect and academician with over 50 years of simultaneous service in both professions. He co-ordinates and teaches in the fourth year integrated architectural design courses.
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Chris Lauriat
Christopher Lauriat
Christopher Lauriat is assistant professor of Architecture and assistant department chair. He holds a master's degree in Architecture from Cornell University and bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Environmental Engineering from Ball State University. With expertise in ecclesiastical and residential design, Lauriat continues his role as director of Architecture for Chicagoland design-build firm, Church Building Consultants. 
Curtis Sartor
Curtis Sartor
Interim Chair
Dr. Sartor has been teaching architecture for more than 20 years. His interests include sustainable design, environmental design, cultural anthropology, applied research methodologies, diversity education, African American and Native American cultures.
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