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Biblical and Theological Studies Faculty

Michael McKeever Michael C. McKeever
Department Chair
847-628-1054 or E-mail

Dr. Michael C. McKeever teaches in the area of New Testament with a specialty in the Gospels. Past research has focused on the areas of biblical narrative, sacred space, culture theory, and literary theory. Dr. McKeever is also the founder and director of Reel Conversations the Judson University Film Series and has an interest in the conversation between faith, film and culture.
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Darrell Cosden Darrell T. Cosden
847-628-1055 or E-mail

Professor Emeritus Darrell T. Cosden taught theology and philosophy. He came to Judson in 2007 after 17 years in Europe (Scotland, Russia, and Ukraine). Dr. Cosden was formally a lecturer at the International Christian College in Glasgow, and he taught theology and ethics in Ukraine at the Donetsk Christian University. Dr. Cosden is particularly interested in faith and culture and how ideas, philosophical and theological, shape contemporary and popular culture.
Eric Mason Eric F. Mason
847-628-1056 or E-mail

Dr. Mason teaches in the areas of New Testament and Second Temple Judaism, and his research interests focus on the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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Mark Torgerson Mark A. Torgerson
847-628-1068 or E-mail

Dr. Torgerson teaches in the areas of theology, worship and architecture. He has explored and enjoyed Christian worship events on four continents, yielding an appreciation for the diversity of expressions that emerge from many cultures.
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Bob Erickson Robert D. Erickson
847-628-1051 or E-mail

Professor Emeritus Robert D. Erickson is well known for teaching Faith and Life Issues as well as other courses in the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies. He did his doctoral studies at the University of Chicago and is one of Judson’s founding faculty members.
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