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Engaging Culture

Judson University’s Department of Biblical and Theological Studies is committed to a wise and discerning engagement with our culture. We live in an increasingly complex, changing, and media-saturated world that presents both unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Rather than serving as a retreat from culture, the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies is uniquely poised to cultivate students who may meet the challenges and opportunities of our time by becoming wise readers of Scripture and theology, as well as wise readers of our culture.

The Department of Biblical and Theological Studies models and teaches cultural engagement in a number of ways. First, professors help students engage the biblical message in its original historical and cultural context, empowering them to explore Scripture’s contemporary relevance for their own cultural context. Second, culturally astute and resourceful faculty teach by means of the cultural artifacts of our time. Contemporary music, film, art, and literature are employed as catalysts for vital and relevant connections to the biblical tradition. Third, outside the classroom, faculty of the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies are active in the broader conversation concerning the relationship between faith and culture—both in the life of the campus and the scholarly community.

ReelConversations Dr. Michael McKeever is the founder and director of Reel Conversations: The Judson University Film Series. Under the umbrella of Judson’s Chapel program, Reel Conversations facilitates conversations about culture, faith and contemporary film.

GreeningSpacesforWorshipandMinistryDr. Mark Torgerson, in his recent book Greening Spaces for Worship and Ministry, explores Jewish and Christian traditions of creation care to enable faith communities to design and construct worship and ministry spaces that are more environmentally, economically, and socially responsible as stewards of God’s creation.

TheHeavenlyGoodofEarthlyWork Dr. Darrell Cosden, in his most recent work, The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work, considers the false dichotomy between secular and spiritual understandings of work. Dr. Cosden’s life-affirming study of everyday work has been characterized as "a timely recovery of the missional nature of our daily work as participating in God's work in renewing and restoring the good earth he made."

Through a culturally discerning and resourceful faculty, the Judson University Department of Biblical Studies practices an active and responsible engagement of culture that understands and appreciates the tension of being in the world but not of it.

Benjamin Wakefield - Spotlight

Benjamin Wakefield

Benjamin Wakefield

Judson prepared me profoundly for daily ministry in the pastorate. Interpreting the Bible and other classes that focused on interpreting specific books of the Bible laid a foundation to help prepare my weekly preaching, Bible study classes, and small groups. All the books I used at Judson are in my office and I still use them today as I confidently prepare to teach the Word of God.

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