Careers | Biblical and Theological Studies | Judson University Christian College


What can you do with a degree in Biblical Studies from Judson? With the academic, personal and professional skills gained through these majors, graduates pursue rewarding careers in:

  • Ministry
  • Missions
  • Higher Education – including professor
  • Law – attorney, paralegal
  • Business
  • Government – foreign and domestic service, the Peace Corps
  • Nonprofit or non-governmental organizations
  • K-12 education
  • Publishing
  • Writing/editing
  • Library sciences
  • Museums and the arts

Often Biblical Studies graduates pursue further education in seminary, university graduate programs, and other professional programs.

Benjamin Wakefield - Spotlight

Benjamin Wakefield

Benjamin Wakefield

Judson prepared me profoundly for daily ministry in the pastorate. Interpreting the Bible and other classes that focused on interpreting specific books of the Bible laid a foundation to help prepare my weekly preaching, Bible study classes, and small groups. All the books I used at Judson are in my office and I still use them today as I confidently prepare to teach the Word of God.

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