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Welcome to the Presidents Club

We invite you to join a unique legacy...

The presidential tradition at Judson University is one of stewardship, leadership, and dedication. We are blessed to have a history of God-honoring, influential leaders who have left their mark on Judson, both physically and fiscally.

It is fitting that we should have a way to honor our most devoted and generous donors with the Presidents Club.

We want to recognize people who are willing to share a portion of their God-given gifts with Judson University on an ongoing basis, in an effort to help us fulfill our mission. Knowing that we have a circle of friends who have pledged to donate year after year, enables us to plan for the future of Judson and continue to offer a first-class Christian-based education to our students.

Membership Benefits

  • Donor name in Annual Report and Judson website
  • Exclusive invites to select events at Judson
  • Recognition at special Judson events

Gifts to the Judson Presidents Club Help

  • Grow and strengthen our scholarships for students
  • Support our student development and spiritual growth
  • Attract and retain superior faculty and staff
  • Keep classrooms and equipment up to date
  • Maintain upgrades of technology tools and labs

Reasons for Giving are Diverse

  • A devoted husband may give to memorialize his wife, an alumnus, who is now with the Lord.
  • An educator can faithfully give as a way to say thank you to the university that helped her to become a teacher.
  • A graduate might give in honor of a faculty member who impacted his or her life in a positive way.
  • A loving mother can give a tribute to her son who dedicated his life to serving as a missionary after attending the university.

Levels of Giving to the Judson

Sarah Judson Society

$500 or more annually

Ann "Nancy" Judson Society

$1,000 or more annually

Burma Society

$2,500 or more annually

Adoniram Judson Society

$5,000 or more annually

President's Society

$10,000 or more annually


"I give to Judson for several reasons. First, to promote my Christian faith especially through education of young people. Second, because Judson made a profound impact on me personally during my studies – I learned a lot. The professors invested in me and made me better, and I now have a new set of tools to augment the tools and skills I had already learned. Finally, I have a passion for education. I am always learning, and I want to help make it possible for others to continue to learn. Judson is doing a lot of things right, and has the plans in place to do a lot more 'right things.' I’m so pleased to give back and help others."

Todd Oelerich
'14 Masters of Organizational Leadership

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