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Art and Design Minors


  1. No grade lower than C- is accepted for minor requirements.

Graphic Design Minor

STUDIO CORE     Required = 7 courses, 21 hours
 DES121Design I(3) 
 DES228Typography I(3) 
 DES231Digital Tools(3) 
 DES321Graphic Design I(3) 
 DES331Web Design I(3) 
 DES322Graphic Design II(3) 
 DES427Theories of the Visual(3) 


Photography Minor

MINOR CORE    Required = 5 courses, 15 hours
 ART123Introduction to Photography(3) 
 ART222Studio Photography(3) 
 ART223Darkroom Photography(3) 
 ART323Advanced Photography(3) 
 DES231Digital Tools(3) 
HISTORY     Required = 1 course, 3 hours
  Choose one of the following:
 ART324History of Art III(3) 
 ART427Theories of the Visual(3) 
STUDIO ELECTIVE     Required = 1 course, 3 hours
 Choose one of the following:
 ART111Drawing I(3) 
 DES121Design I(3) 
 FLM243Video Production I(3) 


Studio Art Minor

STUDIO CORE     Required = 2 courses, 6 hours
 ART111Drawing I(3) 
 DES121Design I(3) 
ART HISTORY ELECTIVE     Required = 3 hours
 Choose one of the following:
 ART224History of Art I(3) 
 ART225History of Art II(3) 
 ART324History of Art III(3) 
STUDIO ART ELECTIVES    Required = 12 hours
 NOTE: Some studio art classes have prerequisites in addition to the Studio Art minor core requirements. Please check course listings for prerequisites and course descriptions. Art and Design students must take studio electives other than those required for their major. The department recommends at least one 2D course and one 3D course. Choose four courses from the following:
 ART211Drawing II(3) 
 ART212Painting I(3) 
 ART218Printmaking I(3) 
 ART311Drawing III(3) 
 ART217Sculpture I(3) 
 ART315Ceramics: Handbuilding(3) 
 ART316Ceramics: Wheel Throwing(3) 
 DES122Three Dimensional Design(3) 

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