DLIT Transfer Policy - Doctor of Education in Literacy Catalog | Judson University Christian College


The minimum number of credit hours completed in the Doctor of Education in Literacy program is between 69-73, depending on a candidate’s entrance status and elective selections.  The maximum number of transferrable hours will be 12, and courses approved for transfer must have been completed within five years of the candidate’s matriculation.  Candidates requesting transfer hours must make the request in writing to the program directors a minimum of 90 days prior to matriculation.  Transcript review and any decisions regarding transfer hours will be made by the program directors in consultation with the university registrar and then communicated to the candidate prior to matriculation. Transfer credit will not be considered once a candidate has matriculated.  In rare instances, the university Graduate Council may, at the program directors’ request and with the support of the university registrar, review and approve an exception to this policy based on unusual circumstances, compelling evidence, and strong rationale.

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