Business Certificates - Undergraduate Catalog | Judson University Christian College

Business Certificates

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

CERTIFICATE CORE    Required = 3 courses, 9 hours
 BUS454Entrepreneurship/New Venture Management(3) 
 BUS344Personal Finance(3) 
 -OR-BUS251      Financial Accounting  
 BUS346Consumer Behavior(3) 
 -OR-PSY111      Introduction to Psychology  
 -OR-SOC151     Introduction to Sociology  
PRACTICUM/INTERNSHIP     Required = 3 hours
 BUS495Senior Business Practicum/Internship(3) 


Certificate in Hospitality and Event Planning

CERTIFICATE CORE    Required = 4 courses,  hours
 BUS250Management Principles(3) 
 BUS255Marketing Principles(3) 
 BUS310Event Planning(3) 
 BUS412Project Management(3) 
ELECTIVES     Required =  hours
 Choose two of the following:
 ESS275Facility and Event Management(3) 
 BUS367Content/Social Media Marketing(3) 
 BUS457Strategic Planning and Assessment(3) 
 BUS495Senior Business Practicum/Internship(1-6) 

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