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External Programs

Non-CCCU Off-Campus Semester Programs

Off-Campus Courses/Study Tours

Students may take apply to take courses in these external programs recognized by Judson University. To qualify for Judson-sponsored participation, a student must have one full year of coursework at Judson University, regardless of the number of credits earned elsewhere and transferred to Judson. Judson requires a minimum 2.75 overall GPA and second semester sophomore status for consideration. The student must maintain the minimum 2.75 overall GPA during the term immediately proceeding their study abroad experience. During the period of external program participation, the student is treated as if residing on Judson's campus for payment.  Consequently, the student is charged all normal Judson tuition, fees, room and board charges for which a resident Judson student is otherwise eligible (with the exception of JSO fees). Judson University then pays the organization providing the external program an amount equal to the "package price" of this program. Any costs incurred by the student in excess of the costs included in the "package price" must be borne and paid directly by the participating student.

There is a limit of one semester for which a student may participate in external programs and receive financial aid funded by Judson University itself (including any aid provided by restricted or endowed donations to the college), regardless of what other federal, state or private aid might be available to the student. However, the amount of the institutional aid a student is eligible to receive while studying abroad may be different than the amount received while attending Judson;  please contact the Financial Aid Office for details. For additional information regarding programs and applications, contact the Study Abroad Director.

Non-CCCU Off-Campus Semester Programs

Architecture Association School of Architecture

Through the Architectural Association [AA] Visiting School programme, highly-qualified Judson architecture students have the opportunity to spend the Spring semester of their third year studying at one of the world's premiere institutions for modern innovation, representation and fabrication in architectural design and thought. The visiting semester at the AA is a demanding and inspiring opportunity to engage deeply in global design conversation and embrace the cultural incubator that is the city of London. Instruction is in English, and candidate students are subject to acceptance by the AA.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies provides university-level courses with transferable credits to over 50 colleges and universities, the framework and services for sustainable community-building, environmental education and restoration for school children and adults, facilities for community and environmental organizations, community and regional conferences and retreats, and outreach services. We do this in the Great Lakes Forest of northern Michigan, Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, in South Florida , and South India.

Austria – Study in Europe

Travel and study for a semester in Europe at the Salzburg, Austria campus of Alderson-Broaddus College. Study in Europe with American and European Professors. 12-18 hours of classes in English in the following areas: Conversational German, European Culture, Special Issues, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Education. Two study tour trips are planned. A 60-day Eurail pass is provided for weekend touring throughout Europe. Participating colleges are Alderson-Broaddus, Eastern, Keuka, and Judson. This study abroad program is only offered in the fall semester.

Chicago – Chicago Semester

Pairing quality internships with experiential seminars, the Chicago Semester offers Judson students the privilege of living and serving in the city. While the primary focus of the semester downtown is internships, students also explore urban issues and neighborhoods with professors and civic leaders who know the city well. The time in the city also allows students to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Chicago including concerts in the park, visits to world-class museums, and evenings in Chicago’s theater district. It’s only about thirty miles from Elgin…but it’s a whole world away!

University College Dublin

The University College Dublin offers the highly-qualified Judson student the opportunity to study architecture at a large university in a foreign, yet English-speaking, setting. The architecture program at UCD paralles the education at Judson and offers a broad-based architecture and design education, focused primarily toward preparing future practitioners. Additional emphases include issues of place and cultural identity in architecture in conversation with increasing globalization and urbanization. The large scale of the university is offset by the small scale of the school of architecture, which is somewhat set apart from the main campus, and by the modest scale and cost of the city of Dublin. UCD has a robust support system for receiving European and North American students, which includes[on or off campus] housing assistance, orientation and weekend excursions.  


The Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Versailles is a premiere academy of architecture physically situated within the historic palace at Versailles. Highly-qualified architecture students, with functional verbal and written French language skills, may elect to spend the Spring semester of third year studing in this storied environment, focused on the intersection of design with ecological and sociological intricacies in an urbanizing world. Candidate students are subject to acceptance by ENSA-Versailles. 

Focus on the Family - Institute for Family Studies

The Focus Leadership Institute exists to provide a unique Christian educational community that nurtures passionate and persuasive leaders who are committed to Jesus Christ, equipping them to promote healthy families, vibrant churches, and a civil society. The curriculum at Focus Leadership Institute is multidisciplinary and focuses on topics related not only to psychology, sociology, and family studies, but also to leadership, social ethics, public policy, philosophy, and theology. Individualized one-on-one attention and guidance from skilled professors and mentors nurtures the student's spiritual, vocational, and life goals. Regardless of whether a student's major is in marketing, biology, history, engineering, education, religion, or any other academic discipline, a semester at the Institute will help participants see the world from a distinctively Christian family world view.

Germany – Hochschule Anhalt

Judson has a formalized agreement with The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences to send a few highly qualified students to the Dessau Summer School or Architecture from mid-May through Mid-July each year. Anhalt University is the site of the famed Bauhaus School from the early twentieth century, and the Dessau Summer School of Architecture develops its thematic focus from the relevance and significance of the Bauhaus tradition. Students will enjoy coursework in design, drawing, technology and German language anad will have required and elective the opportunities to travel to nearby Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden as well as German and European sites farther afield.  The program draws international participants, and instruction is in English.

Holland – INHOLLAND University (formerly Ichthus Hogeschool)

INHOLLAND University is a fully accredited institute of higher education situated in the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. It was founded in 1986 by the amalgamation of various small-scale institutes of higher education, of which the history of some date back to the end of the 19th century. INHOLLAND has its roots in the Christian traditions of the Netherlands and offers the following semester programs in English to foreign students who wish to study in Rotterdam: School of Business, Communications, Management and Legal Studies, Social Work, and Education.

Honours Programme - CMRS, Oxford

Harlaxton College is a single semester study abroad program for American students. The campus is owned by the University of Evansville and students from all over the United States study at Harlaxton College. Recently voted amongst the 'Top 25' study abroad programs, it is committed to providing its 175 students each semester with a unique academic and cultural learning experience. It is a registered charity occupying a Grade 1 listed Victorian manor house and allied buildings, situated within 117 acres of gardens, park and woodland. In addition to its academic responsibilities, the College also utilizes its home, Harlaxton Manor, by hosting local and international conferences and events, and as a venue for use by others.

Hong Kong – Hong Kong Baptist University

The Hong Kong Baptist University, founded in 1956, is committed to a distinctive mission of higher education that incorporates teaching, research, and service, and which inculcates in all who participate, a sense of value that extends beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. The University seeks to achieve and foster excellence, intellectual freedom, and the highest of ethnical standards. These commitments are greatly influenced by the University’s heritage of Christian higher education within a Chinese cultural setting. Located in the heart of Kowloon, the University is comprised of three campuses. These three campuses jointly offer students quality higher education in a modern, fully equipped, highly technological environment. Study Abroad participants are enrolled in subjects taught in English from across the university-wide curriculum. The following are the areas of study: Art, Business, Chinese Medicine, Communication, Science, and Social Sciences.

Japan – Tokyo Christian University

Tokyo Christian Universityis the only fully Evangelical university completely accredited by the national Japanese Ministry of Education. It is an international affiliate of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. TCU has three majors: Theological Studies, International Christian Studies, and Social Work. It is liberal arts based. All students must take courses in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences as well as develop skills in verbal and written communication. TCU has created a special one-semester program for visiting students from English-speaking countries, called the East Asia Institute. This program introduces students to East Asia and Japan both academically and experientially. It covers East Asian history, sociology, art, religion, philosophy, and language (Japanese) and integrates them with in-depth field trips, all within a Christian context dedicated to the integration of faith, learning, and life. The program is flexible and can make some curricular adjustments to meet the student's needs at the home university..

Rome Geneva College - Full Semester

Geneva College has historically placed high value on the study of the humanities and expanding the curriculum to Rome broadens that tradition in exciting ways. Imagine the power of learning about the early church while visiting catacombs a block away from where you live; pondering the ideals of the Renaissance while climbing up into Michelangelo’s dome atop St. Peter’s Basilica; or contemplating the tragedy of Pompeii as you wander through its empty villas. Even these experiences only scratch the surface of what study in Italy has to offer.

Geneva College’s program is distinctive because it intentionally integrates faith and learning. It is also the only semester-long program in Rome offered by a member institution of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Spain – Semester in Spain

For 23 years, Semester in Spain, a program of Trinity Christian College, has been offering Spanish courses in Seville. Our program combines challenging academic study (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels) with constant opportunities for students to practice what they are learning. With its location in Seville, Semester in Spain is designed to provide a rich academic and cultural experience as well as foster lasting relationships between our students and their hosts. Seville, Spain provides the exciting backdrop for our program which has advanced international education for students since 1977. Trinity Christian College gives us the foundation to promote spiritual growth and critical reflection while students attend a fall or spring term, summer session or January interim. Courses are offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for our spring and fall semesters. All students planning to enroll in the intermediate or advanced level are given a placement test at orientation. This test is to help students decide which courses will best suit their needs. The summer and January terms offer three courses each term. Students choose their level based on their past Spanish class history.

Thailand - Spring Semester in Thailand

The Spring semester in Thailand is an intensive 16 week journey to experience Thai life and understand Thai culture and society from an indigenous perspective. You will encounter Thailand in all its amazing ways: through classes in history, sociology, anthropology, languages, politics, education, family and religion, and through an internship that will enable you to draw from your core commitments and serve others through religious, governmental and education institutions. (material taken from www.amazingthailand.org)

UK - Harlaxton College

Harlaxton College, the British Campus of the University of Evansville, offers Judson students the opportunity to spend a semester studying in a magnificent nineteenth-century manor home. Field trips, seminars, lectures, extended travel weekends, and co-curricular opportunities will give students invaluable opportunities to immerse themselves in British culture. The curriculum at Harlaxton College is based around a six-credit course, the British Experience, which is taught by their British faculty. Harlaxton also offers a wide variety of additional classes taught by both British faculty and visiting faculty members. Harlaxton College is owned and operated by the University of Evansville.

Off-Campus Courses

Participants in Judson University study tours will:

  • Observe and interact with a body of knowledge within the context of its cultural environment;
  • Gain respect for and interest in a potential field of study through experience with that field in its natural environment,
  • Integrate theoretical and experiential learning through the interactions of the regular curricular offerings and the study tour,
  • Develop increasing respect for persons from diverse environments and backgrounds through interpersonal relationships developed in those diverse environments;
  • Develop a broader world view through experience in social, spiritual, and physical contact s outside their own.

The initiator of a study tour must submit a course prospectus consistent with the goals and objectives outlined above and including the following minimum requirements and expected outcomes for participants;

  • Maintain a daily journal relating the day’s activities to fulfillment of course objectives; this journal to be reviewed and evaluated by the tour leader.
  • Participate in all activities, seminars, and events specified by the itinerary and the course syllabus; complete all field observations, assigned readings, and other required exercises.
  • Participate in orientation activities lead by the tour leader, and in any follow-up activities specified in course objectives;
  • For each semester hour of credit associated with the study tour course, normally complete at least five (5) pages of formal,edited writing; this does not include daily journals; it may include papers completed during pre-travel preparatory activities.
  • For each semester hour of credit, normally read at least 200 pages (if in English) or at least 60 pages in a second language.  (This standard will be adjusted for native speakers of languages other than English.)
  • Normally complete at least on major summative experience (paper, project, essay, exam) which synthesizes academic content and experiential learning of the course.
  • Credit should conform to standards established for on-campus courses; one (1) semester hour of credit per five (5) days of study will be considered “normal."
  • Study tours which focus on performance may propose alternative methods of meeting the quality standards in items # 4, 5,and 6.

The following principles and policies will govern the establishment of Judson sponsored study tours:

  • The University sponsors off-campus study tours when—and only when—they clearly enhance instructional goals and programs of the University.
  • Tour organized by other agencies and for other purposes (e.g., church-sponsored mission tours or trips to the Holy Land) will not be endorsed by, or promoted within, the University.
  • An off-campus study tour may be presented to students only after it has been approved by the department and by the Academic Policies Committee.
  • Because of potential liability and related issues, all persons involved in Judson off-campus study tours must be either“faculty” or “registrants” (the latter without respect to age or status).  Registrants may register either for audit or for credit.  Regular faculty are preferred as instructors for such tours.
  • Faculty teaching load for off-campus study tours may be included within the annual contracted load; when exceptions are needed,institutional policies for overload compensation will be followed (and these costs must be included in the program budget). Sufficient revenue to fund faculty load credit must be generated by the tour to include the tour as part of a faculty member’s teaching load.
  • Judson University has the same conduct expectations for persons involved in off-campus study tours as for involvement in on-campus programs. However all participants in Judson off-campus study programs are expected to be sensitive both to the culture from which they come, as well as to the culture in which they are studying. Above all,participants in Judson study programs should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Biblically-based principles. Approved Judson off-campus study tours are eligible to be included in students’ financial aid packaging within normal financial aid packaging guidelines.
  • Participants in Judson off-campus study tours are expected to confine any fund-raising activities to family and to“significant others” who are not part of the Judson constituency. Requests to current Judson donors must be cleared in advance by the Advancement Office and must be presented as an “over and above” request.
  • Students who register for off-campus study tours must have financial accounts current OR must secure special approval from the Vice President for Business Affairs.
  • These guidelines will be periodically reviewed –and, if necessary, revised – by the Academic Policies Committee.


  • Proposal Development: The initiator of a Judson off-campus study tour should develop a written proposal, consistent with the goals/objectives and quality control statements above, and including the following minimum information; (A) A Statement of how this study tour is critical to goal-fulfillment for the department or program; (B) A  statement of expected educational and cultural benefits to participants; (C) A description of likely student demand for the course; (D) A course syllabus, describing how/why credit will be awarded, how students will demonstrate that they have earned such credit, what the student learning activities will be, and what the professor’s evaluation criteria will be; (E) A preliminary budget for the course, following guidelines below, including income and all expenses. The budget must be approved by the CAO in advance of presentation to Academic Policies Committee. Budget Development: An acceptable off-campus study tour budget must include specific withdrawal or course cancellation; the budget must also include the following:
    • Airfare and airport taxes (if required)
    • Ground transportation, domestic and/or international
    • Food and housing costs
    • Insurance costs (liability; medical; trip insurance)
    • Institutional overhead (mailing, copying,materials)
    • Contingency
    • Credit/Audit Fee
  • Lead Time; Normal “lead time” for proposing a Judson off-campus study tour is one year or longer in advance of the proposed tour.

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