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Tuition and Costs  2022/2023 Charges


Architecture Graduate Program, per credit hour — $1,125 (Including summer courses)

Room and Board

  1. 19 Meal Plan with $25 Eagle Bucks:
    Multiple occupancy, per semester: $5,660
    Single occupancy, per semester: $6,680
  2. 14 Meal Plan with $25 Eagle Bucks:
    Multiple occupancy,
     per semester: $5,555
    ingle occupancy, per semester: $6,555
  3. 10 Meal Plan with $400 Eagle Bucks:
    Multiple occupancy, per semester: $5,610 
    ingle occupancy, per semester: $6,620
  4. 10 Meal Plan with $25 Eagle Bucks:
    Multiple occupancy, per semester: $5,415 
    Single occupancy, per semester: $6,390
  5. Commuter Meal Plans:
    5/week with $25 Eagle Bucks, per semester $745
  6. School Breaks, per day (all students, room only)$35
  7. Summer, per week (all students, room only): $170

Standard Fees*

  1. Campus Technology Fee — per semester - $265
  2. Supply/Technology Fees — Course fees are listed in the Course Description in the Online Catalog
  3. Class Reservation deposit — $250
  4. Housing Security deposit — $150
  5. Health/accident insurance
    Fall $TBA
    Spring/Summer $TBA 
    All international, all graduate architecture, all music certificate, and all traditional undergraduate students taking 6 or more credit hours will be automatically enrolled in the insurance plan.  Professional Studies Undergrad students are not eligible to enroll in the insurance plan.  Home study, correspondence, internet, and television (TV) courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements.  Students are not charged when evidence of similar coverage, with completed waiver form, is received by Health Center within 10 days following the semester start.  Refunds cannot be made after this date. A $25 late charge is assessed for medical records still incomplete 30 days after registration.
  6. Motor vehicle registration fee, per semester — $60 ; Fine for not registering vehicle, per semester — $100; Handicapped zone fine — $350
  7. Credentials (placement file) First three orders no charge; thereafter, per order — $10
  8. I.D. replacement fee — $25
  9. Late processing fee for incomplete medical records 30 days after registration — $35
  10. Smoking fine, each incident — $100
  11. NSF check fee or rejected payment payment — per bank
  12. Rejected Online Electronic Check Fee — per bank
  13. Diploma Replacement Fee — $25

Academic Fees*

  1. Graduation fee — $125 Cap, gown, master’s degree hood, diploma and other Commencement expenses.
  2. Fee for late payment of student bill:  $150 (Note: Tuition and fees are due on the following dates: Summer - May 1; Fall - August 1; Spring - January 1)
  3. Payment Plan Fee:  (Judson Payment Plan) $60 per semester
  4. Add/drop course change, per transaction — $30 See the Adding and Dropping Courses section of this catalog for details.

New Student Fees*

  1. Application Fee — $50
  2. Enrollment deposit — $250
    • Guarantees a place for students; nonrefundable after June 1, but applies to first semester tuition.

*Note: Subject to change
**Note: Basic charge for resident full-time students

Student Success and Registrar's Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Vice President for Student Success and

University Registrar


Maria Aguirre
Academic Advisor - Adult Professional (BA) and Graduate


Casimiro Vela
Academic Advisor - Adult Professional (AA)


Caitlin Kiel
Assistant to the Registrar:
Catalog and Reporting


Kirsten Olson

Transfer Student Director


Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Advisor


Rebecca Huguley
Registrar's Office Coordinator
Transcript Orders and Enrollment Verifications


General Inquiries

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