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Commencement Hdr 2014

Saturday, May 7, 2022
Herrick Chapel


View the Spring 2022 Commencement Order of Service.


Watch the 10 AM Ceremony recording online.
Watch the 2 PM Ceremony recording online.
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Countdown to Commencement


Spring 2022 Graduates

The Spring 2022 commencement ceremonies will be held in the Herrick Chapel at our Elgin Campus. Graduates may bring four guests and tickets will be distributed to graduates with their cap and gown.  (Please note that all plans are subject to change due to state restrictions).

Please note below the breakdowns and graduate check in times for each ceremony. Doors will open for guests at 9:00 AM for the morning ceremony and 1:00 PM for the afternoon ceremony. The ceremonies will also be live on the Judson University Facebook and YouTube, the best way to be able to view these are by liking or following Judson on these platforms. Be sure to bring your cap, gown, and tassel (along with hood for Master and Doctoral students) to the ceremony.

Morning Ceremony (10am)
Afternoon Ceremony (2pm)




8:30 AM- Bachelors and Associates
9:00 AM- Masters

Traditional Program:

Master of Architecture

Bachelor of Arts/Fine Arts: Traditional Undergraduates:
                 Departments: Architecture and Art and Design

Division of Professional Studies:

Master of Arts: Clinical Mental Health Counseling
                       Human Services Administration
                       Organizational Leadership

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts/Associate of Arts: Adult Professional Studies Undergraduates:
                 (evening, online and accelerated programs)

10 AM Ceremony Participants


Gabriel Omar David

Alexander Michael Karidas

Desmond James Wahlfeld

Adam Christopher Wise



DEPARTMENTS: Architecture and Art and Design


Noah McKay Alexander, cum laude, Architecture

Islam Aljabary, Architecture

Javier Atadeo Arreguin, Architecture

Gregory James Boyce, Architecture

Daniel Casimiro, Architecture

Angelica Natalia Cornejo Letona, Architecture

Sofia Elena Corona Garza, Architecture

Alexander Pierce Fulton, Architecture

Rachel Maria Gafrick, cum laude, Interior Design

Erica Catherine Gonzalez, Interior Design

Reaganne Taylor Graff, Architecture

Alban Hoti, Architecture

Lauren Elizabeth Kelly, Architecture

Riselle Iris Copino Leong, cum laude, Architecture

Noah Michael McConville, Architecture

Randy Austin McRoberts, Architecture

Audra Nicole Menges, cum laude, Architecture

Ryan Lawrence Milkie, magna cum laude, Architecture

Kelly R. Munsell, magna cum laude, Interior Design

Aaron Stephen Musser, magna cum laude in The Honors Program, Architecture

Joanna J. Pelley, Architecture

Madison Kendall Psinas, summa cum laude in The Honors Program, Architecture

Paige Jeanne Soth, Architecture

Joshua Torres, Architecture

Mckenzie Lynn Wages, cum laude, Architecture

Brenna Mae Waters, Architecture

Jenna Renee Winters, cum laude, Architecture



Hannah Zhipan Cormier, summa cum laude in The Honors Program, Graphic Design

Kaylie Eden Guo Ya Min Malenius, cum laude in The Honors Program, Graphic Design

Samantha Lauren Sanchez, cum laude, Graphic Design

Malik White, Graphic Design




LeAnn Grace Alexandria

Darcella Blalark

Mary Vormezeele Erickson

Stephanie Ann Garrison

Genita Annquinette Hunter

Susan Marie Lefaivre

Susan Marie Proebsting

Amnesty Emerald Viveros

Bethany Michelle Winter



Brittany Bender

Joy Ellen Drysdale

Amy Lynn McChesney

Brenda Moore

Rejoice Tenneh Shelwah



Nicole Marie Knorr

Karianne Marie Mora

Crystal Lynn Noble

Mithun John Roy

Ashlyn Micah Spay

Ronald Ezell White



Albert Amaro

Emma Lynn Benoit

Keysa Mar Bonet

Patton Sheridan Fitzpatrick

Shandi Andrea Jackson

Sonya Jimenez

Noel Ray McElroy

Tamar Gabrielle Powell

Corbin Michael Schnaebele

Maria D. Serrano

Vicente Tirado




Eliza Lynn Bacani, Human Services

Jeremy Lyn Blanton, Organizational Leadership

Marisol Carrera, Business Administration

Thalia Esparza, Applied Psychology

Meredith Ivy Feeley, Human Services

Sonia Mireya Figueroa, Business Administration

Amelia Garcia, Organizational Leadership

Pablo C. Gomez, Organizational Leadership

Misty Dawn Gula, Business Administration

Paul Ernest Hayenga, Organizational Leadership

Andrea Denise Hernandez, Applied Psychology

Debra Jean Krumsee, summa cum laude, Business Administration

Sofia Mansolf, Human Services

Michell Yvette Martinez, Business Administration

Kamrin Jade Muhammad, Human Services

Maria V. Palmeri, Organizational Leadership

Mariela Perez, Business Administration

Desireé Sierra Powell, Applied Psychology

Mathew Ryan Riedell, Business Administration

Stacy Marie Ritter, Applied Psychology



Gloria Guadalupe Cardenas, Liberal Arts

Cathleen Renee Fatjo, Liberal Arts

Mary Judith Jasso, with Highest Honors, Liberal Arts

Reneisha Lenise Jones, Liberal Arts

Zephyniah X'Hynice Reed, Liberal Arts

Cesar Sanchez, Liberal Arts

Araceli Villegas, Liberal Arts




12:30 PM- Bachelors
1:00 PM- DLIT and RISE

Doctoral Program:

Doctor of Education in Literacy

Traditional Program:

Bachelor of Arts/Science: Traditional Undergraduates
                 Departments: Business, Christian Ministries, Communication Arts, Education, Exercise and Sport Science, Music, Psychology, Science and Mathematics, Worship Arts

RISE Program

2 PM Ceremony Participants


Darlene Daley

Identity in Third-Grade Readers: The Impact of Social Negotiation

Kristy Piebenga, EdD

Benjamin Zulauf, EdD

Megan Truax, EdD


Elizabeth J. Gibbs

Disciplinary Literacy and Teacher Preparation: The Impact of Definition and

Instructional Disparities

Joy L. Towner, EdD

Jennifer L. Hernandez, EdD

Amy Warfel, EdD


Kathryn Anne Hoving

Classroom Book Clubs: A CRISP Framework to Motivate High School Readers Who


Valerie Cawley, EdD

Victoria Billimack, EdD

David Smith, EdD


Rachel L. Lance

Digital Awareness: Positioning Parents For Digital Literacy Success

Brenda Buckley-Hughes, EdD

Teri Stein-Merrill, PhD

Susan Wesner, DMH


Sharon A. Ryan

Early Markers of Dyslexia: Fostering a Synergistic Partnership Between Cognitive

Neuroscientists and Educators to Dispel Neuromyths and Expand Expertise

Sarah Capello, PhD

Maria Schlup, EdD

Jeffrey O. Henderson, PhD


Noor Z. Shammas

Nurturing Children's Identities: A Multimodal Perspective of Reader Response

Mellissa Gyimah-Concepcion, PhD

Melissa R. Leisner, EdD

Brian C. Tucker, EdD


Nichole Renee Woodruff

Whose Choice is it? The Synergy of Language Arts Teacher Positionality with

Student Voice and Choice

Karen K. Biggs-Tucker, EdD

Eilene A. Edejer, PhD

Anastasia C. Gruper, EdD



DEPARTMENTS: Biblical and Theological Studies, Business, Christian Ministries, Communication Arts, Education Division, Exercise and Sport Science, History, Music, Psychology, Science & Mathematics, Worship Arts


Maria Alarcon Martinez, summa cum laude, Sport Management

Jacob William Alberts, Psychology

Mannon Marie Amelio, Psychology

Nathan Thomas Anderson, Psychology

Khaila Bri'ana Bell, Psychology

Jamison Lee Blasing, Management, Marketing

Gunnar Jordan Boley, Sport Management

Annamarie Bucaro, Psychology

Dane Alan Burlingame, Music Business/Entrepreneurship

Briana LaShay Burns, Natural Sciences

Jennifer Leia Carbery, cum laudein The Honors Program, Mathematics

Nicolas David Cardenas, Psychology

Dylan Michael Chandler, Marketing

Jordan Keith Doering, magna cum laude, Secondary Education

Thomas Joseph Donati, Management

Ryan Oliver Erickson, Health Promotion and Performance

Ross William Fairley, cum laude, Management

Marissa Nicole Fetters, Health Promotion and Performance

Joel Daniel Finch, magna cum laude, Intercultural Leadership

Ce'Nedra Lauryn Fogg, summa cum laudein The Honors Program, Psychology

Dayne Christian Frederick, Chemistry

Genesis Garcia, Psychology

Alissa M. Gorney, Natural Sciences

Alyssa Joy Goss, magna cum laude, Elementary Education

Ashtyn Raye Graham, Worship Arts

Carter Ray Grimes, Music Business/Entrepreneurship

Emilio Guitron, Marketing, Management

Kylie Marie Hansen, Psychology

Rebecca Marie Harder, Psychology

Abigail Susanna Herman, cum laude, Communication Studies

Laysha Hernandez, Sport Management

Rachel Ann Hernandez, cum laude, Special Education:LBS1

Rem Hlei Iang, Chemistry

Dimitri Ingrassia, Management, Marketing

Bethany Joy Jarl, cum laude, Management

James Robert Jaskowiak, Music Business/Entrepreneurship

Mary Ruth Mirembe Jenkins, Communication Studies

Jordan Malik Johnson, Sport Management

Helen Kheyo, Chemistry

Gehrig William Koerner, Marketing

Skylar Mae Kriegel, magna cum laude, Psychology

Thomas Anthony Kurzynski, Management, Marketing

Samantha Nicole Langton, Individualized Major

Manuel Lopez Videla Garcia, Management, Marketing

Thomas R. Louch, Management

Cynthia Martinez, Psychology

Lizeth Medina Diaz, Marketing

Ivayla Minchev, Management

Thomas Ozzie Moran, Sport Management

Luis Germano Buranello Neves, Health Promotion and Performance

Grace Kimtuyen Nguyen, Sport Management

Alissa Lynn Nicholls, summa cum laude, Early Childhood Education

Paige Marie Olandese, magna cum laude, Marketing, Management

Ryan Andrew Osterberg, summa cum laude, Secondary Education, Mathematics

Cameron Michael Pauly, Management

Samuel Perez, cum laude, Psychology

Ian Richard Petoskey, Management, Marketing

Lynsie Marie Pietrzak, magna cum laude, Management

Nicholas P. Powell, Psychology

Carista Rose Ritchie, summa cum laude, Christian Ministries

Brian Joshua Robinson, Health Promotion & Performance

Zachariah Felipe Miguel Rojas, Psychology

Riley William Rosser, Management, Marketing

Noelle Ashley Salazar, cum laude, Psychology

Amir Calvin Scott, Communication Studies

Rachel Lynn Smith, Psychology

Gavin Kevel Smyth, Communication Studies, Interdisciplinary Communication

Yulissa Yvette Solis, Psychology

Ryan C. Stejskal, Marketing

Andrea Lynn Stephens, Accounting

Ethan Geoffery Suits, cum laude, Worship Arts

Wesley David Thompson, Worship Arts

Olivia Joy Turke, Psychology

Enola Varga, cum laude, Secondary Education

Nathanael Verones, Marketing, Management

Nathan Robert West, Worship Arts

Aubrey C. Williams, Management

Anaiah Liza Nikole Wilson-Poston, Worship Arts

Jessica Ann Windischman, Communication Studies

Arianna Grace Wink, summa cum laudein The Honors Program, Psychology

Shelsea Carla Sandjema Zamor, Management

Ann Madeline Zauss, magna cum laude,Marketing

Madelyn Ruth Ziaj, Sport Management



Edwin P. Antony, Biology, Chemistry

Brandon Tyler Gorka, Natural Sciences

Joshua Mitchell Gorka, Biology

Shannon E. Quinn, Mathematics

Jessica FuChun Smith, summa cum laude, Psychology, Natural Sciences



Emily Julieann Bellof, concentration: Christian Ministries

Claire Brendza, concentration: Creative Arts

Jakob Conner Chapman, concentration: Christian Ministries

Francesca Alexis Crist, concentration: Education

Danielle Alicia Davison, concentration: Creative Arts

Kelly Jane Griffin, concentration: Christian Ministries

Ronald Hamilton Jr., concentration: Health and Wellness

Samuel Steven Lenihan, concentration: Business and Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Miller, concentration: Health and Wellness

Jonathan Matthew Schaefer, concentration: Creative Arts

Laura Diana Shaffer, concentration: Health and Wellness

Jaelin Jevaughn Smith, concentration: Christian Ministries

Sophia Cristina Spizzirri, concentration: Creative Arts


ACADEMIC AWARDS- Undergraduate Students

Baccalaureate Degree: Academic honors for Bachelor’s degree graduates are based upon the student’s summary grade point average and the earning of sixty or more graded hours at Judson (conditional upon the receipt of final grades) as listed below:

    Cum Laude: A summary grade point average of 3.50-3.69 both at Judson and in all transferred degree work merits graduation cum laude and is denoted by one cord.

    Magna Cum Laude: A summary grade point average of 3.70-3.84 both at Judson and in all transferred degree work merits graduation magna cum laude and is denoted by two cords.

    Summa Cum Laude: A summary grade point average of 3.85-4.00 both at Judson and in all transferred degree work merits graduation summa cum laude and is denoted by three cords.

Associate Degree: To earn honors designation at graduation, an associate graduate must complete a minimum of 45 hours of their associate degree requirements at Judson and meet the degree grade point average (conditional upon the receipt of final grades) as listed below:

    Honors: A degree grade point average of 3.50-3.69 at Judson merits graduation with honors and is denoted by one white cord.

    High Honors: A degree grade point average of 3.70-3.84 at Judson merits graduation with high honors and is denoted by one navy blue and white cord.

    Highest Honors: A degree grade point average of 3.85-4.00 at Judson merits graduation with highest honors and is denoted by one navy blue, gold and white cord.


Caps and Gowns:

All students are required to order their cap and gown online by Friday, February 25, 2022. Students who do not order by this date will be assessed a $30 late cap and gown order fee. Please go to Herffjones to order your cap and gown. Master students, please remember to order your hood with your cap and gown. All caps and gowns will be available for pick-up beginning approximately May 2nd. Caps and gowns are yours to keep.

ALL GRADUATING STUDENTS: Please check your student account online and pay any balances. Log onto MyJudson and select Student accounts to check your account and make payments. If you are unable to pay your full balance, you must contact Student Accounts (see contacts below) to make payment arrangements and pay your first installment payment in order to pick up your cap and gown. You will be able to receive your transcripts and diploma once you have a $0 balance. If you have a $0 balance and there are no holds on your account, you are ready to pick up your graduation attire!

Financial Aid Exit Counseling: If you have taken out student loans, note that you must complete Financial Aid Exit Counseling in order to receive your transcripts and diploma.

 Doctor of Education in Literacy
Doctor of Education in Literacy students can pick up their cap, gown, and hood in Office 110 of Creekside South. Questions regarding your student account should be directed to Linda Newman or Ron Graf (see contact information below).

Traditional Undergraduates/Master of Architecture
Master of Architecture and Traditional students can pick up their cap and gown in the Registrar's Office during business hours (Lindner Tower, second floor). Walk-Ins: Monday, May 2, through Thursday, May 5, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday, May 6, 9:00 a.m. to NOON.

Division of Adult Professional Program:
Division of Adult Professional Program Elgin and Online Students
Pick up at the Elgin Main Campus, Lindner Tower, second floor in the Registrar's Office - Walk Ins: Monday, May 2, through Thursday, May 5, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday, May 6, 9:00 a.m. to NOON.

Division of Adult Professional Program Rockford Students:
Pick up at the Rockford YMCA - Walk-Ins: Monday, May 2, through Thursday, May 5, 9:00a.m. to noon and 2:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Student Financial Services:

University Center, 2nd Floor,1151 North State Street, Elgin, IL 60123

Student Accounts Office:
Linda Newman: Linda.Newman@judsonu.edu - Phone: 847-628-2055
Ron Graf: RGraf@judsonu.edu - Phone: 847-628-2051
Cindy Kollar: Cynthia.kollar1@judsonu.edu - Phone: 847-628-5023

Financial Aid Office:

Master's/Adult Students last names A-Z: Christopher LaBrasca - Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
847.628.2531 - Christopher.labrasca@judsonu.edu 

Trad Students last names A-Z: Lora Samayavong - Monday to Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
847.628.2532 - lora.samayavong@judsonu.edu


Graduation Photography

General photos from commencement and individual photos of graduates walking across the stage will be available for purchase online through Kevin Sherman Photography after the event. To see the photos and order prints, go to store.kshermphoto.com.

Graduation Announcements

Diploma Frames and Class Rings

To view graduation accessories please go to Herffjones


Diplomas will not be given at Commencement. If there are no holds from student accounts, library or financial aid, diplomas will be available for pickup in the Registrar’s office (2nd floor Lindner Tower) starting Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Rockford Adult Undergrad and Graduate students can pick up their diplomas at the Rockford location. Diplomas not picked up by Wednesday, July 20, 2022 will begin to be mailed out. Holds must be cleared before diplomas can be released. Graduation fees must be paid regardless of whether you participate in the commencement ceremony. If you choose not to participate in the commencement ceremony you will need to notify Jill Hargis at jhargis@judsonu.edu by Friday, February 25.


To request a copy of your transcript, please login to www.judsonu.edu and click on "MYJU." The Transcript request link is in that menu. You may also order a transcript for pick up by coming to the Registrar’s Office in the Lindner Tower building. There is a $5 charge per transcript.

Alumni Information

The mission of the Judson University Alumni Association is to unite and serve alumni from Judson University and encourage alumni loyalty, support and involvement in the University. All Judson graduates automatically become lifetime members of the Judson University Alumni Association (JUAA). No membership dues are charged to be part of the Alumni Association. As a member, you will receive regular communications about programs and the impact of Judson’s students and alumni, Alumni Connections, a monthly e-newsletter keeping you informed of everything happening for alumni, as well as invitations to various opportunities throughout the year.

There are several ways to stay connected with your alma mater:

  • Join the Judson University Mentoring Program (JUMP)
  • Attend campus events like Homecoming, Choir Concerts, Theater Events, and Athletic Games
  • Attend Judson regional gatherings in areas throughout the US
  • Participate in the annual spring break mission trip to Belize for alumni and current students with Dr. Crume
  • Connect through Social Media with the Judson Alumni Facebook page and LinkedIn group
  • Support the Alumni Phonathon
  • Join the Judson Alumni Club
The Judson University Mentoring Program (JUMP)

Are you looking for a way to make connections in your career field? Are you trying to figure out your next step post-grad?  Are you seeking guidance or advice and would like to benefit from building your professional network through mentorship?

As soon-to-be Judson grads, YOU are invited to join the Judson University Mentoring Program, aka J.U.M.P!

J.U.M.P is a professional development group led by Judson Alumni and spearheaded by members of the Alumni Career Mentoring committee and the Judson Alumni Board. This program's mission is to provide mentoring and guidance to recent graduates and current students, and to connect students to Judson Alumni to help grow their faith, careers, relationships, leadership styles and more! 

As a mentee, you will: 

  • Receive insight and career guidance from Judson alumni
  • Develop and enhance professional and communication skills
  • Connect your academics to your career goals
  • Explore faith in relation to your work
  • Gain exposure to career options, advice, and job search tips
  • Build a professional relationship with your Alumni Mentor
To sign up simply visit: JU Mentoring


The Judson Alumni Club has been created for all Judson alumni who make a donation of $10 or more per academic year to benefit any area of the University. For your annual donation, you will receive a Judson Alumni Membership Card as recognition of your support that will provide added benefits exclusively for Judson Alumni Club Donors such as:

  • $2 discount to Judson Theater Performances
  • $2 discount to Judson Athletic Events
  • $20 discount off the annual Fitness Center Pass
  • 10% discount off Judson Bookstore purchases
  • Membership in Working Advantage savings club offering national discounts on entertainment, shopping, etc. with over 700 vendors

Judson Alumni are offered added benefits such as a FREE membership to Right Now Media (an online library of over 10,000 video Bible studies, leadership videos, and kids’ shows), Judson Connect community platform, discounted insurance through our Alumni Insurance Program and more. Learn about alumni discounts, resources and events at www.judsonu.edu/alumni. Regular visits to the Judson University website also keep you informed of upcoming events and university news. Notify the Alumni Office with new events in your life - new address, new email address, job change, wedding, work or life accomplishments, addition to your family (birth, adoption, etc.), that you would like to share or have printed in our alumni communications

For alumni near our Elgin campus, the Judson Alumni Association offers a free one year pass to the Lindner Fitness Center. This pass is free to alumni, their spouse, and/or children (ages 12 –21) for one year after graduation. Passes for alumni, their spouse, and/or children can be purchased after the first year at a small cost of $100 per year (or $80 for Judson Alumni Club members.



Graduation Survey Spring 2022

You are invited to fill out the graduate survey for Spring 2022. This is a requirement for graduation, as the information provided in the survey helps Judson document and report first destination statistics (jobs) to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). You can find the survey here.


Please print the last documentation page (or take a screenshot) to bring with you when you pick up your cap and gown. If you do not bring the documentation page (or screenshot) you will not be eligible to pick up your cap and gown.


Questions? Please contact Jill Hargis at jhargis@judsonu.edu



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