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Biblical and Theological Studies

About the Department

The Department of Biblical and Theological Studies at Judson University is made up of an intentionally Christian but denominationally varied faculty. This dynamic creates an excellent environment for creative engagement with the biblical text and theological reflection. Students are certain to encounter new and familiar truths in their consideration of the Bible and the life of faith.

The disciplines of biblical studies and theological studies fit well within the context of a liberal arts education because they are also broad, encompassing fields of study. The disciplines dialogue with history, literature, philosophy, and others in pursuit of truth.

The intention of the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies is to prepare self-aware, lifelong learners who are equipped to read the Bible well and think theologically—whether for personal devotion, ministry, or further academic study.

Benjamin Wakefield - Spotlight

Benjamin Wakefield

Benjamin Wakefield

Judson prepared me profoundly for daily ministry in the pastorate. Interpreting the Bible and other classes that focused on interpreting specific books of the Bible laid a foundation to help prepare my weekly preaching, Bible study classes, and small groups. All the books I used at Judson are in my office and I still use them today as I confidently prepare to teach the Word of God.

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