Dr. Angelo Bravos

Adjunct Professor

Angelo Bravos has a B.A. in Math & Physics, a Masters in Robotics, and completed his Ph.D. work in Artificial Intelligence at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

Dr. Bravos has a diverse IT career. He has worked for Xerox AI Systems as a Systems Analyst where he applied his Ph.D. research in Expert Systems and Machine Learning to market Xerox products to Research institutions and global companies. He was the Director of Video and Multi-media Systems for Ameritech Labs where he became a pioneer in applied researcher in video-based communications and natural language processing. He was recognized by President Bill Clinton and VP Al Gore for his advanced developments in multi-media communications using fiber optic technologies and for his help in developing the Internet.

Dr. Bravos was hired by Lucent Technologies as a senior manager in the Mobile division and worked on the development of 2G and 3G wireless infrastructure technologies. TD Waterhouse, an on-line broker firm based in Wall Street, hired Dr. Bravos as the VP of Wireless Applications to develop secure Banking and Mobile trading applications for stocks and Mutual Funds. Judson University hired Dr. Bravos as the CIO (Chief Information Officer) to manage the IT department that supported all the functions of the University where he became an expert in Disaster Recovery. He also became an adjunct professor of Management of Information Systems and the MBA program, where he still develops new courses, teaches, and is an academic adviser to the provost.

Dr. Bravos is now the VP of IT and the Dean of IT Management at the Quality Training Institute & Ariston University in Chicago. He also teaches in the Computer Science department at Judson University.

Dr. Bravos has published numerous papers and has made presentations at industry trade shows and conferences.