May Luo

Adjunct Professor

Teacher for AP Java Computer Science, Math, Math for Business, International Department at the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China, 2017 to Present
Manager and Technical Support for C&C Trading Inc. of Elgin, Ill, 2015 to 2016

Software Engineer at Secure Product Group for Motorola Solutions Inc., Schaumburg, IL, 2006 to 2014
Software Engineer at Connect Inc. Developed TCP/IP, UDP and MFC GUI multi-thread applications for Symbol mobile devices as well as developed various web CGI programs for product training and web quizzes, 2004 to 2006

  • Master of Science, Computer Science at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering at Southern China University of Technology, China
  • PhD Education, University of Denver, 1984, Development and Evaluation of an Online Computer Assisted Rorschach¬†Inkblot Test
  • Software Engineering Certificate, University of Denver, 1982
  • MED Educational Psychology, Wayne State University, 1975
  • BS Physics and Math, Otterbein University, 1969

l have knowledge and experience with Astro system, APCO, Cryptr, CDAM, PDED, data encryption solutions, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), TLS, encryption libraries.

Experience and knowledge of JTAG Lauterbach, Klocwork, DOOR, and Clear Case, ClearQuest, SIP, VoIP protocol.

Implemented GCM, DEX-XL, DES-OFB, and AES-256 encryption algorithms for Motorola secure products by using C/C++.

Developed multi-threaded applications TCP/IP (UDP) application programs to transport encryption key message data to Motorola Two Way Radio systems.

Knowledge of cryptographic algorithms, protocols, implementation, and standards (e.g., AES, CMS, DES/TDES, Diffie-Hellman, IPsec, OpenSSL, RSA, SHA, SSL/TLS and ANSI, IETF, NIST, FIPS, PKCS, PKI), understanding of applicability for Asymmetric cryptography vs. Symmetric cryptography.

Performed Mobile (Asterisk/Kamailio) Interface Android/iOS application secure phone products testing in VPN VMWARE environment, establishing VPN IPsec tunnels for secure phone SIP registration and VOIP conversation.

Performed Motorola multiple secure products testing, including Iperf, IPSec, IKE, ISAKMP, SNMP, DHCP, and QOS. Performed Motorola FIPS-2 testing for InforGuard.

Using Python developed and performed test automation