Elaine Roberts

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Elaine J. Roberts is a former systems analyst and university professor of writing, literature, business communication, math, and computer science. She has worked with practicing and pre-service teachers and administrators for over 20 years, focusing on classroom management, assessment strategies, differentiated and personalized instructional strategies, technology integration, and literacy strategies. Dr. Roberts has been privileged to work with educators in small and large districts and schools, encouraging and mentoring teachers to step out of their instructional and assessment comfort zones, helping them identify ways to implement various forms of digital and technological resources, including coding and robots, and making small but significant adjustments in the ways they invite students to learn. Outside of the education space, Dr. Roberts enjoys hiking and biking, reading, trying new recipes, and hanging out with friends. Her research interests include education trends, educational technology, and research in pedagogical and learning strategies.