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Founders’ Day 2019 Recalls God’s Provision Over 56 Years of Judson History on
Friday, October 18, 2019

2019 Event Recap

Founders Day 2019 e

On October 18, 2019, Judson University welcomed Rev. Sharon T. Koh to celebrate the 56th annual Founders’ Day. Throughout the course of this beautiful celebration, leadership of the University shared their warm greetings in honor of those who helped to establish Judson College in 1963.

Judson’s Founders’ Day events began with a Spiritual Council Diversity Breakfast that brought members of the local ministry community together on campus, led by council members Dr. and Dr. Michael and Karen Love. The breakfast was followed by a Founders’ Day chapel that included a processional of the faculty, a selection of anthems by the Judson University Choir, and a message from Rev. Koh entitled, “Old Whines, New Wineskins.”

Rev. Koh, the executive director and CEO of American Baptist International Ministries [IM], shared her journey into ministry and the ultimate command in scripture: “Come follow me.” She shared, that “We [IM] are the organization that sent Adoniram Judson. In order to come, you have to leave, in order to go, the assumption is that there is something left behind. This invitation to come follow does not require us to know what is ahead.”

Even more specifically speaking to the multi-generational audience that included both Judson founders, alumni, past presidents, and current students, Rev. Koh remarked, “Does Jesus say to throw away everything that is old? No. We celebrate 205 years of history [as American Baptists] and remember the shoulders of those that we stand on. Let us press forward to that which God has called us heavenward. It is a simple invitation to come and follow Jesus.”

Judson’s chapel service was followed by an elegant Founders’ Day luncheon in the newly renovated Reed Room, located on the first floor Lindner Tower. Dr. Gene Crume took the opportunity to recognize several faculty, staff, and the Spiritual Council, reminding them that, “We shape lives that shape the world, regardless of circumstances, situations, or otherwise.”

“God has blessed us by bringing all these different students into our community. We are the only university with a fully-accredited architecture program, an honors program, and a program like the RISE program for differently-abled students,” remarked Dr. Crume.

During the luncheon, Judson also honored Merrie Meadows with the Golden Eagle Award for her dedication and service in helping to establish the World Leaders Forum. Dr. Crume reflected that, “The Golden Eagle award is our way of saying thank you. It is one of the highest non-degree honors given by Judson University. Merrie carries the spirit of Judson in everything she does.”

Merrie, one of the founding members of the World Leaders Forum board, is also a graduate of Judson University. Merrie graduated in 2015 with her Master of Business Administration, in 2011 with her Master of Organizational Leadership, and in 2009 with her Bachelor of Arts.

Merrie gave a few remarks about this award, saying that, “It is always an honor to be recognized for contributing to something, especially when this organization has contributed to my own achievement. I accept this award and dedicate it to all those who have come before me at Judson and have made it possible for me.”

Finally, Dr. Crume shared another way that Judson would recognize Professor Emeritus Dr. Stuart “Doc” Ryder’s fifty years of service through the “Doc Ryder Day of Service,” which will be held annually on the Monday of Founders Week. Dr. Crume shared, “Service is what we want to encourage the entire Judson community to do. We want to connect others to this mission.”

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Founders Day 2019
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