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The Honors Program

The vision for The Honors Program is to help exceptional students achieve their highest potential as scholar citizens through advanced academic and co-curricular activities, building a community that inspires engaged faith life and service.

Being an educated person involves all of life. More than simply a collection of required courses, The Honors Program at Judson seeks to draw on your experiences in and out of the classroom. As part of The Honors Program you will be challenged to make connections among your coursework, social and cultural activities, vocation and work, all in the context of your faith commitment. You will also be part of a growing Honors community on campus, providing servant leadership in a variety of areas of campus and community life.

Your work already makes you stand out among your peers. Your school and national tests commend you as capable of higher academic challenges. Take the next step in your pursuit of academic and personal excellence. Become an Honors Scholar at Judson University.

What is The Honors Program?

The Honors Program is Judson’s special degree plan for higher achievers who enjoy advanced academic work. During your four years of undergraduate studies at Judson as an Honors student, you'll take at least 12 credits of enriched courses. You may also do independent research under faculty direction. The successful completion of these requirements distinguishes you as an Honors scholar at Judson.

If you are a high achieving student with the ambition to take your education to the next level, consider joining The Honors Program at Judson. Below you can find more information:

For Prospective Students

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