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Hugs From Home

Realizing gifts from home are always welcome to Judson students, the Friends of Judson would like to offer parents a quick, inexpensive and convenient way to show love, support and caring thoughts for your children away from home. The Friends of Judson offers cookies, cakes, brownies and other baked goods, as well as the ever-welcome Study Buddy and gift cards. See this brochure outlining all the Hugs from Home offers and a form to use for placing your order.

We will make every effort to deliver a gift to your student as close as possible to any special day you indicate. Single gift orders are welcome or you can place one order now for the whole academic year. Please give at least 7 days advance notice for all orders. Payment is due with the order. 


All proceeds directly benefit Judson University Student Scholarships.

Choose From these "Hugs..."

Brownies 2018   $15   Brownies
Send your student a big hug from home with this perfect gift of homemade, chocolate frosted brownies. (Available in gluten-free.)
Study Buddy 2018   $20   Study Buddy
To sustain your student through a late night of study, this package includes snacks such as granola bars, crackers, chips, cookies, popcorn, and fruit or fruit juice (approximately 20 different items in each gift box).
Cookies 2018   $15   Cookies
Your choice of one dozen homemade cookies: chocolate chip, sugar or peanut butter. (Chocolate chip, sugar or peanut butter cookies are available in gluten-free.)
Cupcakes 2015   $15   Creative Cupcakes
One dozen iced, decorated cupcakes. Your choice of: chocolate, white, yellow or red velvet cupcakes and chocolate or vanilla icing.
Flowers 2018   $20   Flowers
Nothing says "I love you" like fresh cut flowers when you want to celebrate a special occasion or encourage your student.
birthday cake 2018   $20   Birthday Cake
A 9"x13" decorated home baked cake with plates, napkins and plastic utensils enough for a small party in a dorm room. Choose chocolate, yellow, white or angel food cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting.

Friends of Judson

Hugs From Home is organized by Friends of Judson. Friends of Judson is an organization that works to build positive relationships with Judson students through a variety of activities. This volunteer organization helps to raise funds for scholarships, beautify the campus at holiday and springtime, create a welcoming atmosphere, and support the students in prayer. For more information, please see the Friends of Judson page.

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