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International Life at Judson

International students at Judson are warmly welcomed by everyone on campus! The International students are given many different opportunities to grow as individuals while sharing their culture and backgrounds; thus, creating a community which promotes learning.

International students are given the opportunity to experience and get involved in various activities both on and off campus. Students are encouraged to serve in our local community as well as abroad. One event which is a loved by all U.S. and international students alike is the “Taste of Judson.” Our international students cook one common food from their country and share this with the entire student body. This gives our international students the opportunity to share their cultures and express their unique backgrounds.

Students also, have the chance to experience the beautiful city of Chicago and attend events like the Jazz Festival, visit the great variety of museums, and enjoy the shore line on Lake Michigan.

International students are encouraged to attend our campus events as well. Our Judson Student Organization (JSO) International President puts great effort into planning monthly get-togethers for all of our Internationals. Whether it's going out for dinner, or bowling, or a day in the city, we are always sure to have a good time. 

In addition, to all of these outings there are social activities and resident life events going on throughout the entire semester which allows students from the entire campus to get to know each other.

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