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Scheduled Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

Plant Operations is responsible for the upkeep of Judson University's beautiful campus. As such, there are often many projects going on at one time. Thankfully, the following resource is here to help keep you "in the know" about the work going on around Judson!

Maintenance Schedule

Past Announcements

Campus Roadwork

During the month of June, Judson's campus is undergoing a massive transformation!

The three changes Judson will undergo are as follows: concrete repair work, the addition of curbs to Judson's roadways, and asphalt work.

We are excited to see the changes that this physical work will bring to Judson's already beautiful campus!

During and following the work, if you see something that you like (or don't), come let us know! We love the feedback! It can only make us better!

Under New Leadership!

Plant Operations has some exciting news!

As of June 1, 2018, Plant Operations will fall under the leadership of Judson University's Chief Operations Officer Hasi Smith.

Together with our Cheif Operations Officer, Plant Operations looks forward to a new era of productivity and customer support that will lead to a more engaged campus population.

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