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At Judson University, our pre-law program adheres to the recommendations of law schools across the country. Typical of these recommendations is the following statement from a highly regarded School of Law:

Applicants for admission to the Juris Doctor program must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university prior to enrolling at the Law School. The Admissions Committee does not require a particular major or undergraduate field of study; however, prospective students are advised to enroll in courses that develop and refine skills in the areas of writing, critical reading, and logical reasoning.

Following this recommendation, the pre-law program at Judson University is designed to accomplish two goals for all pre-law students:

  • First, it will provide the student opportunities to develop skills in writing, critical reading, and logical reasoning. Most often this goal is met through a combination of history, literature, and other liberal arts courses. These courses combine examination of primary texts and documents with study of secondary literature and theoretical approaches. Recent graduates now in law school report that this approach prepared them well; one reports being far better prepared than his peers in law school because of the emphasis on documentary evidence he experienced in his history major. Of course, should a student have an interest in a particular field of law, a pre-law program will also allow them to engage that field. For example, a student interested in health law might benefit from course work in biology and anatomy; an interest in international law might suggest a major or minor in intercultural studies.

  • Second, a pre-law course of study will allow students to pursue subjects of great interest to them, increasing the likelihood that they will be engaged and do well. One of the most important elements in a law school application is grade point average. Students who study subjects they love are most likely to do well, and are most likely to develop the skills of critical reading, thinking, and communicating that are so necessary to succeed in law school and legal practice.

There are a variety of opportunities to develop skills in preparation for law school. Here you can find more information on:
Earning a Pre-Law Certificate with any major
Earning a Pre-Law Concentration within the History major
Off-Campus Study Opportunities and Internships
The website for the Law School Admissions Council*
*Please note that linked websites do not necessarily reflect the views of Judson University.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the pre-law advisor, Dr. Craig Kaplowitz.

Program Advisor

Jim HalversonA Chicago-area native, Professor Halverson teaches courses on Medieval Europe, the Reformation, the History of Christianity, and World History. His research interests coincide with and compliment his teaching, having published books on Medieval Christianity and World History. Before coming to Judson, he taught at the University of Iowa and Coe College in Cedar Rapids. He also serves as a consultant for Pearson Higher Education Publishing and the Educational Testing Service. More Info

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